How to Make Strong Password – Not Easy to Hack

Here today I will discuss most common problem of almost users, which can be the cause of their account hacked. According to survey, 80% accounts can be hacked due to weak and breakable passwords. Almost beginners who have excellent hosting service accounts and further website accounts but due to their unawareness of this aspect their accounts can be hacked. Today, I will reveal some of my experienced tips, how to make strong password which will not be easy to hack.

How to Make Strong Password - Not Easy to Hack

How To Make Strong Password:

To make strong password is not a tricky task as you thinking, just you need to put your concentration on it. I spend 4 years to understand and get this experience by which kind of password can be proven safe for your accounts. Let me share this experience with my precious readers. What things should be exist in your password, which makes it much stronger and unbreakable. Here we have absolute steps, please review it step by step and implement on your side to make your password strong.

Step 1:

Your password should be the combination of lower and upper case letters. Check it out the below examples

Bad Example: Funtime

Good Example: FuNTimE

Step 2:

Don’t use common things in your password such as birth date, parents name even your pet name because it can easily imagine and can be hacked. Use always uncommon words, you can spin these words also. check it out the below examples.

Bad Example: Jenny1995

Good Example: J1e9n9n5y

Strep 3:

Use symbols and numbers inside your passwords, which should be coming one after another or starting and ending part of your passwords. Symbolic passwords not easy to crack and also can not steal easily. Check it out the below example.

Bad ExampleJenny$1995

Good Example: $&J1e9n9n5^y#

Step 5:

To make strong password do not put anything in a sequence as we mentioned above in good examples. Such as if your birth date and name comes in a sequence means one after another so anyone can guess this password without any difficulties. So use only those strategy, which contains lots of complexities. You need to create that strategy because this strategy will work as a shield for your accounts.

Step 6:

Password length should be long minimum 10-12 charterers + numeric + symbols mixture. This is just our recommendation otherwise it depends on your strategy and also on that websites, mostly website do not allow more than 12-15 charterers long passwords.

A Complete Safe Password Example:

To make strong password, mashup the all above steps and their good examples then make your own strategy. Let’s see a nice and strong password from security perspective.

Perfect Combination of Password: !=(jENy^&8E5#

Important Instructions:

I know it is not an easy task to memorize the complex passwords but that create a big hurdle for hackers. Secondly, do not safe your passwords in your computer hard drive such as in notepads etc. Because it can easily steal through sending malware in your computer and all data can be stolen from this way. Only the way is memorize the password in your brain. Eventually, if you want the word security in your life then make your friend which name is complexity.

For further questions and their answers join our community forum and also can write your comment under this article.

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Sooraj rs
Sooraj rs
8 years ago

Really the password I made is worse after read your article. Now I got some idea to strong my password.