How To Make More Money From Every Visitor To Your Website

Every visitor who comes to your website, but you doesn’t make more money is a lost opportunity.  Of course, not everyone will buy, and often people land on your site and they’re not even that interested.  They might have stumbled on your site by accident!

But that said, there are proven tactics you can apply to greatly help more website visitors become customers.  Let’s go through them:

Your Website Has to Load Fast:

Internet connections keep getting faster, and people are connected all the time now.  Slow loading websites just aren’t acceptable to people.  So if your site is loading slowly, your visitors are going to click away in frustration.

So making sure your site is fast is vital.  As a starting pointing this means choosing a high quality web host.  Ideally situated in the country where most of your visitors are from.  Or consider also a CDN to load content locally.

And you’ll want to make sure you’ve technically optimized your site for fast loading too.  This may involve caching, image size reduction, and database optimization.

Get Their Email:

The majority of people will come to your site, click away, and never return.  Because most people have so much going on in their lives they’ll just forget about your site within seconds.

How To Make More Money From Every Visitor To Your Website

That said, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not interested.  Perhaps you just caught them at the wrong time, or they have a lot of other stuff going on that day.  So as much as possible, you want to get their email address since it gives you a way to get them back.

You could just have a form on your site politely asking they give you their email address.  But chances are that won’t work well.  Often it takes more of an effort than that because you’ve really got to get their attention.

What can work well is an ‘ethical bribe’.  This is where you’re giving the visitor a free gift, in return for their email address and permission to follow up on them.  Then you can send them a weekly newsletter, and the occasional offer.

Do make sure of course that you use a reputable email list management service.  This will help your emails get delivered (and not be marked as spam).  It also means you cover your legal bases, since unsolicited email could get you in hot water.

And consider recruiting staff who have been involved with conversion rate optimization services.  Beyond the tactics detailed in this article, they can take your conversion rate to the next level.

Follow Your Visitors Around the Web?

This tactic does seem to get over used somewhat, but it still works remarkably well.

Have you ever visited a site, and then that site seems to follow you around the internet as you visit other sites?  For example, you visit Amazon looking to buy a new drill.  Then on other sites you visit, Amazon ads for new drills keep appearing.

It’s confusing first time it happens, but it’s becoming more and more common.  And at this time it’s still effective, since you’re advertising to people clearly interested in what you offer.

This approach to advertising is known as re-targeting.  It’s an effective, and comparatively cheap way to advertise to your target market.  And again, since they’ve already shown interest, conversion rates would be high.

So these three tactics can easily boost your conversion rates.  They just need to be applied effectively, and the results may surprise you.

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