How to invite Friends on WordPress Blog

How to invite Friends on WordPressIt is rational and sensible thinking to invite someone creative mind persons to share his experience with community. If you like to invite contributors/subscribers/editors to handle blog posts, pages and comments on your blog.So, don’t be worried and take the comfort breath. Just you need to do follow my steps with consideration. If your blog is public so, anyone can follow/register on it and start guest posting with ease. Otherwise need to invite bloggers as a contributor, editors or any role, which you like to assign him. Today, we will talk about “Invite friends on WordPress blog“.

Invite Friends on WordPress Blog:

Hopefully, You have many of these friends on social media sites and on other networks. First you need install Invite Friends to Register plugin. After installation procedure then it’s time to slightly settings. Go to Dashboard >> Settings >> Invite Friends.

How to invite Friends on WordPress Blog

All settings can be seen in the above given image. Simply modify or alter the email and in which accomplish your requirements. Keep remember that, in the above email form have numbers of tokens %sitename% %siteurl% %friendname% etc. Last option is Redirect URL, It could be an admin page or registration page for friends and invited guest. It is depends on your strategy and occasions. All email form elements  are editable according to your requirement or needs.

After manipulate your email structure, Goto Users >> Invite Friends.

How to invite Friends on WordPress Blog

We approximately expressed the process in the above image. When you press Send Invitation button, Your invitation would be sent automatically to receiver. Try to send maximum invitations, You can utilize your Gmail contacts for that purpose.

Now it’s your turn to send invitations to your friends entirely list. If you still have problem, while plugin installation, settings & configuration, undefined errors or bugs, then you may leave you comment below. 😉

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