How to Install WordPress on Localhost

You probably heard many times this word ‘WordPress installation on localhost’ but maybe you will not be acquainted with it. This guide is especially design for beginners, who are interested to know about how to install WordPress on localhost step by step. This procedure will take your several minutes but that is effective from developers point of view.

How to Install WordPress on Localhost

Install WordPress on Localhost:

WordPress package installation on localhost is pretty easy instead of tricky. I also wrote an article earlier that how to install WordPress on HostGator shared hosting, but this time this installation will be in our computer hard disk not on shared hosting or else. Sounds looks like complex but after read that entire article, you will feel so comfortable with this guidance. Watch the below complete video guide tutorial for WordPress installation on localhost.

Above guide contains and covered all approximately aspects of WordPress installation on localhost.

Your required Xampp to run localhost server on your own computer. Simply Download Xampp and install in your machine then perform all above steps as we done.

Hopefully, above video tutorial will be sufficient for you guidance. Let us know, if you think that you found useful and valuable content here. We love to assist you in this regard, you also join us on our community forum and can leave your comment below.

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