How to Install Magento in HostGator Manually

Today here we are going to express the way from which you can install Magento in HostGator shared hosting manually. We will not use any software during this installation like quick-install etc. So this guide is completely contains the manual methods so be enjoy.

How to Install Magento in HostGator Manually

Install Magento in HostGator Manually:

Way to install Magento in HostGator manually is not tricky just you need to simply follow the following ways to know about he actual way.

Watch Video Tutorial On YouTube:

What We Covered in Above Video:

  • Download Magento Old or new versions, which is compatible with your hosting plan.
  • Magento 2.0 can not be installed on Shared hosting plan because this version requirement are higher than previous old versions. (Magento 2.0 required at least VPN hosting plan)
  • Upload Magento files on your hosting server and set permission to go ahead on Magento installation page.
  • Create separate MySQL database to connect with Magento during installation.
  • Setup store default language, currency and location origin.
  • Built connection among MySQL database and Magento to store Magento data in MySQL table rows.
  • After built connection among both of them provide your personal info or set Magento backend admin login details and also change Magento backend source URL as per your requirement.
  • Finally, save your encryption key, which will help you in future to encrypt your Magento password.
  • Now you have successfully installed your Magento store, now you can access their frontend and backend easily. By following these path ( or etc.).

Important Note:

You must care about few things before proceed Magento installation.

  • Magento is little bit complex than other ecommerce platforms but it has hundreds of options for customization.
  • If you face any difficulty during installation or after installation so you can take your assistance anytime but service will be premium then we will handle or resolve your complexities or troubles.

Hopefully, you understood clearly all the above steps, which we covered in above video. If there is any trouble or misunderstanding so you may join us on our community forum or can elaborate your issues.

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