How to Install Extensions in Magento

Do you know? Magento is now becoming the most choosy and favorite ecommerce software. Folks loves to work on Magento include my self due to Magento features and its proficiency. Today in this quick guide, we will let you know about how to install extensions in Magento.

How to Install Extensions in Magento:

Magento have separate store for extension, which is called Magento Connect. Simply choose free or paid extension and go ahead with it. Simply follow the below steps to getting success in Magento extensions installation.

Step 1:

Magento Connect firstly get the extension key, which is compatible with your Magento version.

How to Install Extensions in Magento step 1

In the above image, you can clearly see the extension key and its compatibility version Magento connect 2.0 etc.

Step 2:

After getting this extension key, now its time to install this finest extension in to your Magento store. Login to your Magento store and navigate to System > Magento Connect > Magento Connect Manager and login inside this Magento extension manager.

How to Install Extensions in Magento step 2

After press ‘Install’ button, if this version will be stable for this installed Magento software then will ask for proceed for installation same like below image.

How to Install Extensions in Magento step 2 How to Install Extensions in Magento step 2

Step 3:

After click on ‘Proceed’ button, Magento extension installation will be initiate and after few seconds your extension will be installed.

How to Install Extensions in Magento step 3

Above image clearly expressing that our extension has been installed successfully in our Magento store. But now, here is one more important steps remains, which is you need to log out once after above all steps or installed extension. Otherwise Magento will show 404 Error at the page or location of extension. After login again, extension will work properly and stable.

Hopefully, this tutorial will help you more and if you found this guide helpful then let us know. For more interaction, you may join us on our KnowledgeIDea forum and also can leave your comment below with your objections or feedback’s.

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