How to Increase Google PageRank

How to Increase Google PageRank (PR):

Every blogger and website owners wants high PageRank because high PageRank gives you top position in search engines. Most of the blogger are familiar with the word “Google PageRank“. Read Google PageRank and its importance. In earlier articles, We learned about Google PageRank history and its importance. Now we will reveal that, How to increase Google PageRank. Google PageRank depend on various factors, Some are Seo factors and some are technical tips.

How to Increase Google Page Rank

Before go ahead, We need to know about few things. Google  PageRank work with external links and content quality. Seo experts recommend that, PageRank is an enormous hand in the quality of backlinks. Further factors are content, daily update blog, Meta-tags, Social media presence. Let see the whole procedure in explanatory form.

Quality Backlinks:

Quality backlinks is a powerful factors in the perspective of PageRank. If you want to improve your website PageRank than try to increase your backlinks numbers but links should be not redundant and useless. Google determine the links availability and its quality then Google permit you’re a PageRank. Read this article to know about backlinks quality: What is Nofollow or Dofollow rel attributes. Often viewers or readers have an authentic question in his mind that, How we can build/create backlinks and where ?

Such questions became a headache. Don’t be anxious. You can join a lot of communities to fabricate your backlinks such as, Forums, Bookmarks, Web directories ans specially social media sites. You can also do guest post on other relevance blogs to spread your quality backlinks. Must recommend to submit your site to dmoz or yahoo directory,It would be considered as a magnificent backlink.

Content Writing:

Content writing is an important and valuable reason for PageRank. Google always suggest that, Content should be fresh and unique because readers wants fresh and update content. Use high stranded vocabulary in you content writing. Avoid to grammatical mistakes inside content. Try to writing minimum 400 words articles and maximum length can be 1000 plus words. If your budget allows then try to hire content writer. They can write well systematic and prominent content for you.

Daily Update:

Personally as my own experience, We will suggest you to update your blog or website on daily basis. This daily updating on blog will make you crazy and deranged but believe me your blog will take rank soon in Google. Other thing is daily post ratio, Its depend on your struggle and time because everybody can not do the same task and same things. Actually there is no threshold of daily post. But you can publish one or two post minimum as per day. But remember that, Consistency is more important.

Increase Google Page Rank


Meta tags are working as a driver of websites. The fact that, Meta-tags are useful thing only for search engines. Meta-tags are consist on few tags like, Meta title, meta description, meta keyword, and friendly URL. Meta tags are essential food for search engines. You can say that, Meta-tags are the representative of our sites in search engines. Search engines utilize these tags for search results. Search results consist on title,description/snippet and URL of web pages. It is our responsibility that, Provide these meta tags in meaningful form.

Increase Google Page Rank

Here is question arise that, Google doesn’t recognize meta-keywords so why we use meta keyword tag for every web page. Actually people’s see the one side action/process,  Instead of Google other search engines recognize and use meta keywords in search ranking. Meta-keywords usage are not harmful for you site but don’t use lot of keywords in single post, and utilize meaningful meta-keywords.

Social Media Sites:

In this era, Google now has become smart and recognize social media traffic. This means that, Google count social media sites traffic in search ranking. Mostly, Websites taking traffic through social media sites. Famous and major social sites like Facebook,Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, LinkedIn etc. You can generate backlinks through social media sites and get strong backlinks from your social media profiles. Create your fan pages on social media sites then promote your business.

Now the consequence is that, Follow these above steps and you can get a good position in Google search engine. High PageRank is also an honor and distinction for a website owner. You can alert me if you have any questions. 🙂

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9 years ago

Hi Siraj,

I really enjoy reading your article but perhaps you forgot mention 2 of the best ways to get high page rank on my own SEO experience which are .edu/.gov backlinks and Social bookmarks.

Thank Siraj… See ya!