How to Increase Google AdSense Earnings

Most effective frequently asked question from every new bloggers. How to increase Google AdSense earnings quickly without pay any thing. Getting an approval from AdSense is not an achievement because that is your first step for success, now what to do? Improve your earnings in AdSense is not like a technique, there are so many things that you should consider on it to get an improvement in your earnings. Today we will talk about all those things in comprehension form.

Increase Google AdSense Earnings?

Why you are in trouble about AdSense earnings, when I was got approval from AdSense. I persuaded myself to get the best optimum result from AdSense, but that was not an easy task like an eating apple. We will highlight most essential points in this article, which will help you to understand the relation between earning and AdSense.

How to Increase Google AdSense Earnings

Choose Right Keyword:

Google measure/analyze each keyword traffic and their activities from search engine. If you are familiar with Google keyword planner tool then you also can see the suggested bid rate on the same right hand side of the keyword analysis. Suggested bid rate is that price which advertiser pay to publisher when any click or activity happen on their ads through that particular keyword. Every keyword bid price will be different and fluctuate can be happen anytime.

Google keyword planner tool preview

So, now you need to choose the maximum suggested bid keywords and then placement those keywords in your article, if you do not know how to place keywords in article then read How to Add Keywords in Blog Post for Optimization.

Write Worthy Content:

Content is king forever, worthy content always makes your website worthy. Write straight forward and quality content and content should be purged from grammatical impairments. Users always likes effective writing and user-friendly content, which should be in understandable form.

Do not give up Mobility:

Your website should consist on mini devices friendly layout. Google also provides responsive ad units (234×50, 250×250), which CPC is higher than desktop CPC. I would recommend you to stick responsive ad unit, which can automatically set up their size according to this user device.

Google AdSense responsive ad units

Mobile ad units makes possible to maximize your monthly revenue because their clicks ratio and CPC are higher as compared to large devices.

Daily/Weekly Newsletter:

Newsletter is a magnificent source of returning visitors. Returning visitors can increase your website traffic and with traffic you may generate lots of AdSense revenue. Must stick or setup finest subscription form on your website prominent place, where user can easily see and can become your community member and can get future updates directly in his inbox. You can use MailChimp and Aweber for email marketing purpose.

Search Engine Optimization:

Search engine optimization is a best way to grab or redirect search engine organic traffic to your website directly. Actually, with Seo help you can grab sufficient part of traffic, which users will be definitely related to your website category. If you are beginner and do not have knowledge about Seo then can start our Seo training program toady.

Social Media Sharing:

Social media sharing will spread your article and news among thousands of folks with-in minutes. Social media perfection are rapid and finest. Let’s see the below Facebook published post “People reached” that how many people’s/folks/Facebook users still saw that post.

Social Media Sharing

Now let’s assume, how much traffic you can grab from only Facebook and further social media sites. More traffic will help you to generate lots of revenue.

Stick Your Ads in Sidebars:

You also can stick ads in to your website sidebars because stick ads clicks ratio is much than normal form. No one ad network do not stop to stick ads on sidebar.

Stick Your Ads in Sidebars

Stick ads will be stable, when you scroll down that means you can grab user attention on any ads easily. You also can stick affiliate banners and ad network ads without any hurdle. Read How to Create Sticky floating Sidebar in WordPress.

Let us know, if you think that my written article is useful for your journey. These above mentioned steps will definitely increase or improve your Google AdSense earnings. If you have any question and discussion then ask me on our community forum.

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