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How to Get Media.net Approval Fast (Yahoo Ads)

When we talking about Google AdSense alternatives, at the same time media.net ad network comes in our mind. Media.net ad network pay his publishers according to CPM advertising model. Media.net do not approve any applicant application quickly because it has strict polices and rules, which should be meet with your blog or website then they will provide you complete approved publisher account interface, where you can create and mange your ads. Now I’m here to show you, how to get media.net approval fast for your blog.

How to Get Media.net Approval Fast

How to Get Media.net Approval Fast:

Media.net is considered as a finest one alternative of Google AdSense. If you are going to participate his publisher program so you should be aware about its program guidelines. Yesterday We got media.net approval for KnowledgeIDea and that was really amazing surprise for me. Because we got media.net account approval after 5-6 times rejection, and we learned a lot of things and aspects during this time period. Now I want to share my this experience with my readers, so you can avail my experience for your applications approvals. Now I’m going to show you the media.net received email, which can clear my words.

How to Get Media.net Approval Fast proof

Important Guidelines For Approval:

These guidelines are not similar like media.net program guidelines, these guidelines is a part of my experience during this time period. Read the below guidelines with full concentration.

  • Your website content should be original and valuable. Sufficient amount of content should be on your website before applying media.net publisher account.
  • Your website should be updated his content on daily basis and with consistency.
  • Your website should have a sufficient amount of traffic from UK/USA/Canada.
  • Abundance of ads on your website can be the cause of rejection. If you are using another network ads Bidvertiser, Chitika, Infolinks etc so make sure remove these ads before applying media.net publisher account.
  • If you are using free hosting service or applying with sub-domain like (example.blogspot.com) so, your application will never be approved.
  • Your website traffic should be at least 1000+ Users before applying media.net publisher account, If your website traffic below than 1000 traffic then probably your application will be rejected.
  • If your website content contains adult, gambling, ammunition data so you application would be directly rejected. Make sure your website data should be consist on legal content instead of illegal/prohibited data.
  • Your website content primary language should be English.
  • Traffic is the main and huge issue of application rejection in media.net so we would recommend you do not apply media.net until your website traffic reach 1000+ daily users.

How to Get Media.net Approval Fast traffic requirement

In the above program guidelines, we covered all the aspects with each perspective. If you follow the above guidelines then you must get media.net approval with in a week.

Let us know, if you find this post useful for your future journey. For more discussion on this topic, you can join us via comment. 😉

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Satyanarayana Raju
Satyanarayana Raju
7 years ago


I am applying many times. no one can reply. I didn’t get any mails. I get 24k/daily visits. only 55% visits coming from India. Remaining % have coming from other countries. Is their any solution to get media,net publisher account.

5 years ago

Hi Siraj,
I agree with you and I think you have a lot of more info about media.net, so it will be more attractive if you add more. by the way this article is really a good step you take for all.

Sahil Darji
Sahil Darji
5 years ago

my website daily 600 to 800 visitors and 2500around page views and almost 95% traffic from usa so my media.net reject my application i dont know why.
my content is real so why reject my application ?