How to Get BuySellAds Approval for your Website

BuySellAds (BSA) is a great opportunity for all blogger and mostly bloggers want to become publishers to his community. But it is not like eating apple to get BuySellAds approved publisher account. Because they have strict rules and regulation, which should be meet with your website otherwise they will reject your application directly. Now here I’m going to show the aspects or tips or how to get BuySellAds approval for your website or blog.

How to Get BuySellAds Approval for your Website

How to Get BuySellAds Approval for Your Website:

BuySellAds is a finest advertising platform , where advertiser choose publishers for his advertising. The prominent advantages of BuySellAds  is that, you itself sets your Ad price according to your choice. This means, you can earn as much you want. Now let see these things, which can help you to get approved BuySellAds publisher account as soon as possible.

  • First of all, you should have a absolute .com domain name instead of blogspot or wordpress subdomains. If you do not apply from .com domain name then BuySellAds will decline your application.
  • Your website or blog should be user friendly layout, neat and clean, easy to use navigation system for users.
  • Website should be free from Malware, viruses and errors. To get rid out of these kinds of viruses, you need to get trusted and verified web hosting service like HostGator.
  • Most compulsory part to getting BSA approval, Your website should have at least 50,000 pageviews/per month. Do not try to generate spam visitors, something like fake clicks or unethical traffic, if they found this kind of activities then your application would be rejected.
  • If you are using another Ad  network while applying to BSA, so keep remember that, do not put lot of ads on your website. Because abundance of ads disturb the user attention and can be the reason of BSA application rejection.
  • Try to write something unique or fresh content with consistency. Regular based blogging increases the chance to getting BSA publisher  account approval. You need to update your blog on regular bases, it will also improve you blog rank in search engine.
  • Do not use copy paste duplicate content because replication is strictly prohibited according to search engine and Ad networks.
  • Avoid grammatically mistakes inside your website content.

Hopefully, these above tips will help you to getting BuySellAds account approval. You also can read BuySellAds publisher approval requirements or tips here.

Let us know, if you find this post beneficial for you. For more discussion on BuySellAds relevant topics, you can join us via comment. 😉

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