How To Find WordPress Post and Page ID Numbers

Everyone knows that WordPress is one of the finest an open source for building website. 80% of beginners gives his first priority to WordPress to kick-start his online business. On WordPress hundreds of customizing tools and gadgets. Most often folks, actually that was my website readers who asked me that how to find WordPress post, pages and category id’s numbers to integrate these id’s in someone plugins. Probably, you are thinking that where you can get those WordPress post and page id numbers because you heard the something new.

How To Find WordPress Post and Page ID Numbers

How To Find WordPress Post and Page ID Numbers:

To determine the WordPress post and pages IDs numbers you need to perform the following steps.

  1. Open your WordPress back-end and navigate to ‘Post’ section.
  2. Now which post you want ID number then move your cursor on this post title/name.
  3. After hover the cursor on target post title/name then watch the browser status bar,

you will see the following link “” in this link 2882 is the post id number. Similarly, when you hover on any of the page title then page id number will be shown like above.

How To Find WordPress Post and Page ID Numbers step 1

Same method is used to find category id numbers see the below step,

  • Navigate to Posts -> Categories then move your cursor and hover any of the category title then a link will be shown on the browser status bar. Link will be look like this, “” in this link 178 is the category id number.

How To Find WordPress Post and Page ID Numbers step 2

Hopefully, you understood the way to determine the post, pages and category id numbers. You can utilize these id’s during developing purpose or if any plugin required these one IDs. On internet there are several WordPress plugins, Reveal IDs, Simply Show IDs, which will definitely help you to find out the WordPress post, pages and categories IDs.

Let us know, if you found this article is useful and got your problem solution. If you want more assistant regarding to determine post and pages id numbers then you can join us via below comment.

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