How to Find Most Searched Keywords on Google

Find Most Searched Keywords:

Most Searched Keywords

As we know, a keyword is a soul of Search engine optimization. Write an article is not an achievement goal, But write a most searched article is a beneficial skill according to traffic perspective. Now the thinking aspect is that, How we find most searched keywords on Google for writing articles. We can’t overlook this aspect from any angle. Here is no angel or fairy, who moves his stick and give us a bucket of dollars. Keywords is only factor that generate numerous traffic as we expect. Precisely, Accurate placed keywords in published post/articles can be the cause of huge amount of organic traffic via search engine.

Most Searched Keywords:

Today we will show that, How you find most searched keywords without any trouble. There is scarce places, where Google share his annual recorded insights of search engine. Google believes on customer reliability. Let’s see ,

Google Instant Search:

Google instant search is the most prominent way to find out the top searched keywords in a single click. Just you need to do, Go to Google Search then type anything word, which you like. See the below process,

How to Find Most Searched Keywords

All the terms or keywords, which are showing under Google instant search, you can utilize these keywords in your article because they are most searched keywords. Just enter any word in Google search bar and check under instant search top keywords, which is nearly relevant with entered keyword. Now imagine that, How much top niche keywords you can find through this instant search.

Google Trends:

Google trends will give you information about keywords searches, which is made recently or previous years. We also can to do comparisons among multiples of keywords searches. In order to get access to Google trends, just put your Gmail and log in inside Google trends dashboard. Where left upper hand side options and top upper search bar, both will help you to find most searches keywords. See the process below,

Most Searched Keywords

The above image expressing the top 2014 searches in United States. Searches is automated categories there and you also can change Geo location and years from upper given options. We can comparison multiplies keywords on Google trends and find out the result. See the process below,

Most Searched Keywords from Google trends

Right now, above image showing two keywords comparison charts and you can add more as your need. Arrange or categorize your searches from present, past even worldwide or global filtration are available there. Eventually, You also can get or find most searches keywords through Google keywords planner tool inside Google AdWords.

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Ejiofor Francis
Ejiofor Francis
9 years ago

Hi Siraj, your article is cool and practically applicable.

Thanks a lot.