How To Drive Traffic From Quora Community

First of all I need to clear few things before go ahead, Quora is a questions and answers community around internet. I familiar with Quora since past 4 years and today I want to share my experience to my readers. Quora is known as best due to their user-friendly interface personally I love it because that is very easy to navigate anywhere and the prominent part is traffic which you can grab from Quora without paying any single penny. Today I’m writing this article to let them you how to drive traffic from Quora community without doing spamming or any unwanted activities.

How To Drive Traffic From Quora?

Quora provides platform to all user to come here and discuss your issues or experience with another people’s which is the transparent definition of online communities. Right now you are here to read about how to drive traffic from Quora on your blog without putting any money on it. Here is all about concentration then your dreams will become true.

Setup You Profile on Quora:

Initial but most achievable aspect after signed up. Did you know that, a good profile on Quora can reflect your passion or interest that how much strong you are in your skills. Probably you heard that “First impression is the last impression” same like this profile should be looks like professional and straight forward.

If you ask me what to mention in profile then my answer would be, your designation (Entrepreneur, CEO, Manager, Blogger etc). Secondly, your voice such as who you are? and why are you here? means what is your purpose to join Quora community? and in between describe your experience in any particular filed must. You also can see my Quora profile link and if you like it then can follow me. 🙂

Find Suitable Questions on Quora:

Quora is something like a huge list of questions and it is increasing in every minute so the next task after above steps, on Quora you should find suitable questions nearest to your expertise. Let’s suppose you are well-known expert of affiliate marketer so you need to find them those people’s or folks on Quora who posted questions related affiliate marketing. You can use Quora top search box for that purpose to browse relevant questions to your expertise.

Get More Viewers on Quora Answers:

Getting more viewership on Quora answers gives higher precedence to your answer than others. Probably, so for this purpose you must read the question carefully for which you are going to write an answer.

How To Drive Traffic From Quora Community Image 1

Above I answered a question on Quora which received 216 viewership so far so this means 216 times users watched my answer. This means, if people like my answers and think they are getting appropriate or satisfactory solution with that so may be they will be stick with my answer little while. That’s the way for which Quora analyzing viewership on answers and determine which one has good viewership and able to be on the top than other’s.

Upvote & Downvote on Quora:

Quora gives authority to every user to pass their rating against every answer whether it is Good or Bad. On Quora we call this Upvote OR Downvote. Let’s suppose if you reading any particular answer on Quora or you think that is not suitable OR Wrong answered OR you don’t like that whatever so you can rate it thumbs UP OR thumbs Down for that answer. It is totally based on reader nature and their understanding with that answer. High Upvotes is the sign of this answer is the best solution than other’s because so many members already read this and pass their votes in positive sense.

How To Drive Traffic From Quora Community Image 2

Unlike, downvotes puts negative impact for that answer is inappropriate and answered wrong etc. More downvotes can put your answer down down and more down than others. Maybe your given answer can be missed after few time period due to more go down.

That’s the reasons above I said your given answer should be relevant to the question and try to provide the solution. Most important thing most people forget to do that must read already given answers and try to write something unique do not repeat what people’s already said in this discussion because repeating same thing can be the cause of more downvotes OR less viewership.

Quora Followers Is the Sign of  Victory:

Mostly times when you answering questions regularly with putting any gap, so chances increased that people follow you because of your interest. But above conditions will be applied also in this sense.

How To Drive Traffic From Quora Community Image 3

In the above image you can clearly see that how much Matt Cutts (Google Engineer) has followers on Quora. More followers gives extra strength to your name or brand especially your written answers among millions of users.

Let us know if you find this guidance helpful for your long root journey.  Grabbing traffic from Quora is no more tricky but keep remember that Quora is not the way to building backlinks that is a platform to provide most relevant answer to their user. In case of spamming on Quora you could face any critical issue in future. So slow steady win the race formula is good than instant results. If you have any question to us regarding Quora so you may join us on our community forum or can leave your comment under this article.

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Ajay Rathod
7 years ago

I have a .IN domain and someone tell my it’s domain not best for blogging money. Because this domain does not get world wide customer. Can you tell me this domain we i can use or not for blogging website.

Editorial Staff
7 years ago
Reply to  Ajay Rathod

Not properly, country specific domains uses to target country specific audience organically from search engine. .IN domain is particularly for India specific content or if you publish outside india content then if someone search from UK about anything.. Google will see that their search terms is relevant to your website content or not, if yes then your content would be on priority. But again .com domain is recommended by us. For more interaction join us on our community forum.