How To Do SEO For Website Step By Step

Great to see you on our web, on which today I will reveal some few tips how to do Seo for website step by step. As we know, Seo have two kinds and both kinds have its own several factors to improve rank in search engine.

How To Do SEO For Website:

There are so many things, which is considered during making and organizing website but few are most essential, that will we discuss here.

How To Do SEO For Website Step By Step

Step 1:

First of all, On-Page configuration happen when you start writing some articles on your website. In On-Page, keywords placement and selection, anchor text existence. Keyword placement is not an easy task anymore, search engine now become more trendy and require more flexibility in keywords placement and selection. Right keyword placement on right place is the most crucial achievement. Your keyword should be exist on several places such as headings, first paragraphs, article outlines etc. Another important side of Seo is, your anchor text should be correct and relevant to your hyperlink data.

Step 2:

After keywords placement on right target points, cross linking/internal linking is another important factor. Cross linking should be the most highlighted part of your Seo, because of this reason backlinking is still effectual and giving more pertinent results from search engine.

Step 3:

Image optimization is considered as third most potent factor of Seo. Image optimization is not about only Alt tags, there are further so many factors include in it such as image standard size, avoid copyrighted images and spotless images for better understanding.

Step 4:

Design a xml sitemap for a website to give a proper path to Google crawler that follow this designed path and index our entire site respectively.

Step 5:

Check your website speed and try to take an improvement in it. You can analyze your website speed or check website metrics on several platform such as GTmetrics, Pingdom tools and Google insight. Your website should be fastest and light weight because slow speed website have no value in search engine and you can check it out this announcement in 2016 Seo Guide.

Step 6:

Cross linking among external websites or blogs is used to build your website reputation around internet. That strategy also boost your website rank in search engine because if someone come on your site by clicking on anywhere from reputed website so that is a plus point for your website rank and that traffic will be considered in search engine rank. Only if coming links are dofollow instead of nofollow, Google doesn’t index or consider nofollow backlinks must read what is nofollow and dofollow rel attributes.

Step 7:

Social sharing is now becomes the part of our blogging because from this way your fans can be connected with you. Another side, social media sites have great place to spread your brand awareness among your target audience such as Facebook ad campaigns.

Important Note:

These above tips are already implemented on various sites and we got much response from that way.  Keep in mind, Organic Seo never can show their results quickly, Seo always takes time to show their perfection must read how longer Seo takes to show their results.

Let us know, if you have any question or queries so must ask your doubts or enhance this discussion on our community forum or can comment under this article.

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Gaurav Verma
8 years ago

Cross linking and on page seo are major part of SEO. I was really apperiacte your step by step guide.

8 years ago

How to approve textual ads like ads by google.

7 years ago

very nice post dear. I want this type of post because i don’t know about seo. This post is very helpful for me.