How to Disable Magento Add to Compare Products

Magento has by default add to compare products feature integrated in it. Unfortunately you can not turn on/off or disable Magento add to compare products feature because there is not option in Magento interface to modify it according to user needs. Some people like this feature and some dislike and also want to remove this entire option or add to compare functionality from Magento store.

How to Disable Magento Add to Compare Products

Disable Magento Add to Compare Products:

In this guide, we will  let you know how to disable Magento add to compare products function or features entirely from you store categories list/Grid view, also from product pages and from sidebars.

We will use a powerful free Magento extension to perform this task without any obstacle. Simply follow the below steps respectively.

Step 1:

First simply install ET Advanced Compare Magento extension by follow Magento extension installation guide.

Step 2:

After complete installation process, navigate to System > Configuration then scroll down there you will find ET Extensions > Advanced Compare > Remove Compare Options. Simply select ‘Yes‘ remove compare feature option and also select ‘Yes‘ for Remove selected links option.

How to Disable Magento Add to Compare Functions Step 2

Finally save your configurations or changes. Now you have successfully remove or disabled compare products features from your store front-end.

Important Note:

Personally we do not recommend any inside code changes or editing to disable add to compare feature. Code changes or editing can create problems or errors in future so it can be risky for your Magento store. That is why, we prefer or mentioned above extension method instead of editing Magneto server-side coding files to avoid from errors.

Let us know, if you find this article useful and valuable for your troubles so must share it. If you have any further question regarding this article or any other so you can ask you questions freely on our community forum or can comment under this post.

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