How to Determine Seo Strength Of Any Website

As we familiar with Seo is a necessary part of website and never can be overlooked at any cost. Mostly people’s and our website readers asked to me many times that how to determine Seo strength of any website? Because that is crucial to know about web site before start any project with it or sometime it is for competition. To determine Seo strength of any website, we utilize lots of gadgets, tools, strategy, analyzing and review from different perspective to measure its strength.

How to Determine Seo Strength Of Any Website

Determine Seo Strength Of Any Website:

To determine or measure any website strength in search engine you can follow-up that ways clearly. As we above said, that there are numbers of factors involvement in ranking matters and if you can find out these factors outcomes so you can determine Seo strength easily.

But keep remember that few factors answer will be based on estimation not an exactly but from that way you can get out the most relevant and closest answer.

Let’s start to checkout the ways, through which you will be able to determine Seo strength of any website.

Check Alexa Rank:

If you are a webmaster so you will be definitely acquainted with Alexa and their analyzed ranking algorithms. Alexa is a free or paid tool for webmasters, from which webmasters can find out their website various Seo factors such as external backlinks, upstreaming sites etc. Alexa assign two kinds of rank one is for particular region and secondly for globally but measure these rank from their own way or algorithms. We have few creative discussion topics on our community forum regarding Alexa rank.

Use MozBar:

Moz is considered as no#1 Seo learning source and also entertaining their users with free Seo tools. One of his Seo measurement tool is MozBar. MozBar can easily measure any website page authority, domain authority, social sharing and also highlight on-page and off-page elements. Very effectual and trustworthy tool especially for bloggers, from which they can accurate their Seo mistakes and also can rectify search engine schema scripts not found errors.

External Links Strength:

It is an important thing to check out the website outgoing links, that how many external link your website have? You can use link count checker tool to find out the external and internal both link strategy. We have few topics and article related to backlinks. Let’s review it,

Dofollow have much precedence than nofollow links. So try to give your first priority to dofollow external links instead of others.

Find Out Errors and Bugs?

Almost website’s claims that their site rank remains constant not growing and falling. Because of many reason, in which one of the prominent one reason is existence of bugs on your website. Google also consider each bugs and tell them webmaster through Google webmaster tool for their user convenience.

If you are tackling or rectifying existed errors time to time so that is an additional plus point for your website rank.

Important Note:

Google have innumerable algorithms to measure your website rank. No one can give you exact outcomes or results, but we can do our best and can get nearest best estimation for our clients to improve it more. Google is not bound under any circumstances so that is our core responsibility to update yourself with the passage of time.

There are so many further ways to determine Seo strength of any website by using above methods. Let’s give a try to see what will happen in outcome. If you have any issue or for your question/answers you can join us on our community forum or can leave your comment below.

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Pamela Wilsoft
Pamela Wilsoft
8 years ago

Actually, very interesting and useful tips, I’ll save mostly all of them to my notebook, and I will use them in really nearly future.