How to Delete Magento Orders Guide

Magento is well-reputed ecommerce open source platform, inside there hundreds of functionalities are exist in it. Sometime when you install any demo theme files or content it may come with default generated of examples of orders. And unfortunately at this moment inside Magento there is not tool to delete Magento orders from their backend interface. In this guide, we will let you know how you can tackle these situation and can delete Magento orders immediately as per your action.

How to Delete Magento Orders Guide

How to Delete Magento Orders:

Deleting orders function availability can make easy for you to handle you future orders. Because on online store’s many folks generate fake orders to check its ability or some other purposes. To prevent or tackle these situation, you need a delete option, by using this option you can simply remove or delete fake or unknown/unnecessary orders with a single click.

Step 1:

For this purpose to delete Magento orders, we will utilize a free extension namely Delete Orders. Simply first install this Magento extension by using this way read how to install Magento extension. All Magneto extensions will be installed from a same way so don’t be worried.

Step 2:

After complete the extension installation process, simply logout once and then login again otherwise 404 error can be occur.

Step 3:

Now it’s time to test the extension that this delete option is appearing and working or not. For this purpose, navigate to Sales > Orders simply check any order and select delete order option from drop-down Actions menu.

How to Delete Magento Orders Guide Step 3

Above image clearly showing the entire way after click on submit button, order will be deleted immediately without any obstacle.

How to Delete Magento Orders Guide order deleted

Now you can see the (1 record were successfully deleted) message clearly on your Magento account. Now you have successful deleted one record or order from your Magento store. Keep remember that, once you order is deleted then you can not retrieve your deleted order.

Hopefully, this article is proven best and valuable for your Magento journey. If you have any discussion related to this topic or have any further query regard Magento so you can join us through our community forum or can comment under this article.

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