How to Create New Merge Tags in MailChimp

As we described what is merge tags in mailchimp in our earlier article. By default in MailChimp there are three merge tags, which is automatically generated while creating the new list on MailChimp. These three are *|FNAME|* for subscriber first name, *|LNAME|* for subscriber last name and *|EMAIL|* for subscriber email. But maybe on any occasion, you need some further new fields such as city name, education, position etc to store further data in your list about your subscribers because sometimes additional data helps to filter out particular subscribers and then broadcast emails to them. So, here now we will talk about how to create new merge tags in MailChimp to make your email marketing dynamic.

Create New Merge Tags in MailChimp:

Creating new merge tags is not an tricky because it can be done with in few clicks. Simply follow the below steps to create new merge tags.

Step 1:

Simply login to your MailChimp account by using your credentials.

Step 2:

Navigate your cursor to List Option from main menu.

How to Create New Merge Tags in MailChimp Step 2

Step 3:

Choose your particular list for which you want to create new merge tag. Then Go inside this list. Select Settings > (List fields and *|MERGE|* tags).

How to Create New Merge Tags in MailChimp Step 3

Step 4:

On that page, you can see the existed merge tags. Along two button at the bottom one is “Save Changes” and Second is “Add A Field” Click on second button and create new field for your subscriber form first. Such as City name, education etc.

How to Create New Merge Tags in MailChimp Step 4

Step 5:

Choose the type of field text/number etc then type the name of this field such as ‘City Name’ or other, now finally set the merge tag of this particular field. You can add anything in merge tags box but add what you can easily memorize for future usage.

How to Create New Merge Tags in MailChimp Step 5

Above we added *|CITYNAME|* merge tag for ‘city name’ field because it the most convenient approach to memorize this merge tag for future usage in email templates. Another one thing if you don’t add any merge tag in this box so MailChimp by default already have merge tag for this box which you can see it beside every merge tag box *|MERGE3|* etc but these are not relevant to the fields and are not be able to memorize.

Let us know, if you think we reached our message to you in positive manner. Unlike if you have any question or issues regarding this so please join us on our community forum or can leave your comment under this article.

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