How to Create MYSQL Database Using cPanel

In this article, we will see and talk about on create MYSQL database using cPanel. You can not create MYSQL database directly from PhpMyAdmin because of user privileges. From PhpMyAdmin, you are not able to connect database from its user privileges that is why we will create MY SQL database from cPanel. MYSQL is a server-side database management system, which stores data content of your website.

Create MYSQL Database Using cPanel:

MYSQL stores your data in database tables,  these  tables contains several fields and records. Every field have distinctive name and its corresponding values. Come back to the straight point, which is create database using cPanel. Review the following steps below.

How to Create MYSQL Database Using cPanel

Step 1:

In the step, Open your cPanel and navigate to ‘MySQL Database Wizard‘ under the ‘Databases‘ section.

How to Create MYSQL Database Using cPanel step 1

Step 2:

in this step, you will enter new database name and it should be unique than previous all database names. How to Create MYSQL Database Using cPanel step 2

Step 3:

In the third step, you will enter/set database username and a strong password, you also can generate password by clicking on ‘Password Generator‘ button. Keep remember that, password should be a combination of symbols, lower and upper case alphabets and numeric digits.

How to Create MYSQL Database Using cPanel step 3

Step 4:

After create both database and user separately, now we will add this user in our created database and connect both to each other. Check all ‘All Privileges‘ each option will be automatically checked then simply click on ‘Next Step‘ button.

How to Create MYSQL Database Using cPanel step 4

After click on ‘Next Step’ button, you will be a redirect to the next page on which you will get a message that privileges have been successfully added to the database.

How to Create MYSQL Database Using cPanel step 5

Above image showing that, database has been successfully connected with created user along privileges. Now you have to do use this created database during WordPress Installation to store your WordPress website data.

Let us know, if you think that this article accomplished your need. If you have more interesting ideas then don’t forget to share with us via contribute. For more discussion concern or related to MY SQL database so you can leave your opinion sand feedback in the below comment box.

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