How to Create Google Map

Create Google Map:

Hopefully, You are already familiar with Google map. But almost people’s trouble that, How to create Google map in easy and instant way. There is no secrecy among people and Google, Because Google already reveal methods and instant way. Maps is essential way to getting approach to consumer. Because, If you want to find out any place anywhere around the world. Usually your first preference would be Google maps, due to his efficiency. So, Here we will tech you that, How you can become the part of this community. Let’s Start with us. I already told and declare in various articles, To get access on all Google products, Just you need a Gmail account. Then Login to Google Maps .

How to Create Google Maps step 1

After Login into your account. Go to my places >> Then Click on Create a Map.

How to Create Google Maps step 2

After done click on Create a map. This page will be redirect on another page, Where will ask to find your map location. Where you will see multiple tools, Which tool would be used during making map.

How to Create Google Maps step 3

Here you need to find your location and drop the marker on that place.Marker is also highlighted on the above image.

How to Create Google Maps step 4

After dropping marker, it will ask about your business title and short description with phone numbers/website/email etc. These queries is important, Because customer can find your contact details near your map location. So, Be professional and should stay in touch with your customer. See the above image for this entire procedure. when all aspects is complete then Save your map. As soon possibly, Google maps team will review your map and determine the location then approve it. You can also integrate or put your maps/business location on your websites through Google maps API key.

Let us know that, If you have authentic ideas and knowledge so please share with us. We love to listen our visitors homework. We promise that, After optimize your work then we must publish in our community. For more assistance, Join the comment. 😉

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