How to Create Facebook Page For Business

As we know that, Facebook is the most biggest social media platform where users can engage with each other. Whereas Facebook huge aspect is Facebook business pages/ fan pages. Almost world folks are connected with Facebook and using it from various perspective like a celebrity utilize Facebook to connect with his fans. But a beginner definitely can be in trouble because everyone is not familiar with Facebook features. When we talk about business page then this point is comes that so many people’s do not know even how to create Facebook page for business. Nowadays every business whether it is physical or digital have a Facebook business page to connect with his audience, no matter where they live.

How to Create Facebook Page For Business

How to Create Facebook Page For Business:

Facebook business page is now become the essential factor of any business success. In today article, we will show you how to create Facebook business page quickly with some interesting and creative tips. Let’s start,

Step 1:

Log in to your Facebook account, if you have no so create an account now.

Step 2:

After logged in your Facebook account, navigate left sidebar option “Create Page” this option will be appeared under Pages section.

How to Create Facebook Page For Business step 2

Step 3:

After click on create page, now you will select your page category to go ahead. Keep remember that, your business category should be relevant with your business.
How to Create Facebook Page For Business step 3

Step 4:

In this step, write concise description about your brand, products, itself etc. Secondly, setup your business page address/URL, it should or can be your business name like the below examples. or etc.

Enter/write/make most related URL because it will be Seo friendly.

How to Create Facebook Page For Business step 4

Step 5:

It’s time to upload Facebook business page profile photo then save and continue. If you are celeb then upload your shiny pic, in case of company upload company original logo. Page profile pic should be at least 180 pixels wide.

How to Create Facebook Page For Business step 5

You may skip 3 level, which is ” Add to Favorites” then fourth level  is crucial, which is “Preferred Page Audience” now enter your correct location, age, gender and interest then save. That’s all. Now you have successfully created Facebook business page.

One Facebook account user can hold unlimited Facebook fan pages, there is no threshold of creating business page. Facebook business pages are totally free of cost even their each feature is designed under consideration of user convenience.

Let us know, if you find this article useful and beneficial. Facebook business page can promote your business 60% more than normal business. For more discussion and queries join us on our community forum.

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