How To Create email Account From cPanel

If you are running a website and have hosting account  then probably you want to have a separate company email. Some office or business persons use free email service like Gmail and Yahoo until they have hosting services, because they don’t know, how to create email account from cPanel and his configuration directly in Microsoft outlook.

How To Create email Account From cPanel

How to Create Email Account from cPanel:

Create email accounts from cPanel is not a hardcore task, It is a straight forward process. If you have a hosting account then you can use your own domain emails without any email size limitations. Just you need to follow the following step.

Step 1:

In the first step, Log in to your hosting cPanel account, In cPanel find Email Accounts option under the Mail section.

How To Create email Account From cPanel step 1

Step 2:

In the second step, Simply Click on Email Accounts option then it redirect on another page, where you need to enter your email name, a strong password, assign email account size and finally click on ‘Create Account’ button.

How To Create email Account From cPanel step 2

Above image clearly expressing the whole procedure of creating domain email account. You can assign email account size by itself. Password should be consist on symbols,lower and upper case alphabets, these kinds of password is not easy to hack or steal your account. You can create many accounts with this way, depends on your hosting package.

If you want to know the domain email configuration in outlook for office usage or direct desktop access so must read, How to Configure Outlook in Next 2 Minutes.

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