How to Connect Domain with Hosting

Connect Domain with Hosting:

How to Connect Domain and Hosting

This article is designed for only beginners, who don’t know that how to build connection among domain and hosting. Domain and hosting are two crucial elements of web development. Initially persons don’t have enough knowledge about this process. That is why, they face strange problems in his professional career. Here we will show you, how to connect domain and hosting with ease.

First you should have slightly knowledge about domain and hosting. What actually it is and how does it work?


Domain is just a distinctive address, which locate your website. It is directly connected with hosting server. When you write any URL/domain on your browser and press Enter, then it sends a request to the hosting server and in return hosting server show his hosted files in the shape of website.


Hosting is just a space for data same like computer hardware. Hosting and domain are two separate elements. You rent out the space to have your business for a specific time period. Without hosting your files have no place to stay.

How to Connect Domain with Hosting?

If you have already purchased domain and hosting then need to connect with each other. For this purpose, you need to open your domain account panel, and setup hosting name servers. Hosting provider will give you a name servers to build connection. Suppose that, we have a HostGator hosting account and want to set up this account name server into GoDaddy domain account. Both are separate hosting and domain providers, Watch the appropriate tutorial to see what we do next.

Hopefully, this tutorial will cover all the aspects of hosting with domain connection process. Keep remember that, Name server insertion process is same for all hosting companies. So, don’t be panic about this.

Let us know, if you understood this built connection process among hosting with domain. Don’t forget your precious feedback, we truly love to listen your respected queries and opinions via comment. 😉

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