How to Configure Outlook in Next 2 Minutes

How to Configure Outlook:

Microsoft office equipped with magnificent applications and tools. One of famous application is Outlook. Outlook is the need of office persons because it is handy or easy to access from desktop. Through outlook, no need to go any Gmail, or any domain web page. But almost office employment and many person are not aware about its settings and configuration. They feel headache every time of new installation of MS Office. Almost office employments feel constrained or embarrassing on many occasions due to this tiny settings or configurations. Today, we will teach you that how to configure outlook in next 2 minutes.

How to Configure Outlook

Configuration or settings of Outlook is not hard like hot chili. Before going ahead, we want to declare something crucial. Outlook have different version like 2007,2010,2012 and 2013 all settings are similar or same not different to each other. First we will highlight the Gmail account configuration with outlook then elaborate domain email steps.

Gmail with Outlook:

Simply task, which you need to do is Sign in to your Gmail account >> Click on Gear icon on top right side. Select settings then click on Forwarding and POP/IMAP then on that page Select Enable POP for all mail next Click on Save Changes. You can review the below image for this procedures.

How to Configure Outlook step 1

After do that, Open your installed outlook application. Click on email tab, and New Account then insert your Name, email address and a perfect password for protection.

How to Configure Outlook step 2

After providing these information click next and now your outlook is configured with your Gmail account with appropriate method.

Webmail with Outlook:

Configuration among webmail and outlook is consist on few steps. Goto to your webmail and signing In inside your webmail, Click on Configure mail Client. There you will find webmail server manual details for outlook settings or configuration. Manual settings consist on Username, incoming server, out going server, POP3 and SMTP ports. Take these info and open your installed outlook and select manual setup  or additional server types, you can see above given image for clarification. Now select POP or IMAP option. For next procedure, insert your webmail picked information correctly.

Configure Outlook for webmail step 2

After putting this info, Click on under button More Settings… for ports settings. Click on Outgoing Server tab and check My Outgoing server (SMTP) authentication.

Configure Outlook for webmail step 3

Similarly, Click on next Advance tab and copy our below settings for advance tab. Under image settings is according to security rules for protection.

Configure Outlook for webmail step 4

Just copy the above settings and follow the entire procedures or steps then your outlook work awesome without any bug or error. Hopefully, this tutorial will helps you more. If you like this tutorial then share with your friends or family. For further assistance regard these settings or configuration, leave your feedback. 😉

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