How To Choose Best WordPress Theme

Do you want to know, how to choose the best WordPress theme. What qualities should be in the WordPress theme, which will make you crazy about it. Here we will reveal some beneficial tips, which things you need to be considered before choose any WordPress theme. These tips will help you to make your blog more shiny or vigorous.

How To Choose The Best WordPress Theme

How To Choose Best WordPress Theme:

There is a lot of elements /factors, which you need to be kept in mind while choosing the website template. Some are crucial and some optional, but it relies on your nature, what kind of environment you want on your blog. Let’s start,

Responsive Layout:

Most important factor from blogging or SEO point of view. Responsive layout should be your first priority during choosing website theme.

How To Choose The Best WordPress Theme

Did you know ? 40% traffic comes through mini devices, which can increase your revenue or promote your community. In contrary, fixed layout website demolish his website traffic, which has a lot of worth. Therefore, responsive layout is necessary for your site bright future. Responsiveness of website is compulsory aspect, which you need to be memorized.

Custom Search Box:

If you are looking WordPress themes, so search box is the essential element. Because users always uses this for your site searching, it can boost your site pageviews.

How To Choose The Best WordPress Theme

According to my experience, search box should be in main menu bar, because users can easily access it on that place. Other reason is that, search box will look like pretty in main menu bar. Otherwise, search box might be anywhere in the header. Search box on website is also compulsory object of website.

Customized Layout:

Now almost innovative WordPress themes are totally capable for customization. A good website every single element should be able for customization. Nowadays, new WordPress websites have an integrated plugin name “visual composer” can easily build spectacular pages quickly. In contrary, you can use powerful WordPress frameworks such as Genesis and thesis, these frameworks have fully controlled on every single element on website. Interesting thing about these frameworks is that, light-weight coding files on server-side, which can boost your site speed instantly.

How To Choose The Best WordPress Theme

Website Faster than Rocket:

Website speed should be faster than rocket, because it is most crucial aspect. If your website homepage loading time is more than 5 Sec then it is a moment of thinking for you because user comes on your site for information not for wait. Website long loading time due to his uncompressed or redundant files on server-side.

How To Choose The Best WordPress Theme

So that is why, We would suggest you to choose simple website, which can load easily without any trouble. You can read our earlier article Top 5 Fastest WordPress Theme For Blogging.

SEO Friendly Website:

Search Engine Optimization is an important factor, which we can’t overlook. That is why, website theme should be SEO optimized or equipped with SEO advance options. Nowadays, latest theme contains integrated premium Rich Snippets plugin, which can attract user attention or can grasp tons of traffic from search engine.

How To Choose The Best WordPress Theme

Above all steps are essential, memorize these step or tips. Now when you purchase any new theme, so you can compare these features with that theme and can analyze the theme worth. There is a lot of elements instead of these but these are most important. For more queries and assistance, leave your opinions below. 🙂

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