How to Change WordPress Admin Login URL

Privacy and secrecy is the most important thing in business. WordPress admin area URL is same for all WordPress user’s probably some users do not like this similarity. They want to hide their WordPress admin area or change WordPress admin login URL, thus they will be capable to stop maximum threats on his website.

How to Change WordPress Admin Login URL

How to Change WordPress Admin Login URL:

Hide or change website admin area will keep safe your website from malicious threats. To change admin login URL address, you need to follow the following steps respectively.

Step 1:

You have to do just install and activate Lockdown WP Admin plugin inside your WordPress website. After installed this plugin, go to “Lockdown WP” option, which will be appeared on WordPress left sidebar.

How to Change WordPress Admin Login URL_step 1

Step 2:

Simply check “Hide WP admin” option, then enter any secret word or sentence, which you want to use it on that place /wp-admin. Now after made all the changes, as we describe above, finally press “Save Changes“.

How to Change WordPress Admin Login URL step 2

Now you have successfully changed the admin area URL, you may test this feature by logging in again. You also can disable this plugin anytime, when you feel that you do not need this features anymore.

How to Change WordPress Admin Login URL preview

Important Suggestion:

Personally we do not suggest or allow you to install this feature because there are numerous reasons behind of suggestion.

  • In future, if you will enable or allow guest posting to all visitors then everyone user will not know about your website log in area, so that is the drawback of this feature.
  • Another one drawback of this feature is, excessive plugins increase the burden on your website speed and server.

If you are doing this action for the sake of avoid from hacker. So, friendly speaking I would suggest you to change your hosting company, you may also read How To Choose Right Hosting Company?

Let us know, if you find this article useful and informative. We also discussed this topic on our forum here. For more discussion on this topic and additional interaction, you can join us on your community forum or leave comment below.

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