How to Change Window 7 Screen Saver Fast

Do you know? How to change Window 7 screen saver quickly. It is not a hardcore procedure, it is pretty simple way to create your own screen saver and apply this screen saver on your window screen. Window 7 comes with various default screen savers, which are pretty cool look and performance. But in another condition, when you want to use your own company or brand logos as a screen savers in window 7 then first you need to create your own company custom screen saver then apply this custom screen saver on your window 7.

How to Change Window 7 Screen Saver

How to Change Window 7 Screen Saver:

Mostly professionals and office employees feel annoyed with window’s default screen saver. They want to use their own custom logos, trademark, company name, custom created wallpapers on the place of default screen saver so it is quite simple to do this, just you need to follow my following steps.

Step 1:

In the first step, Click on Start button then choose Control Panel. Next find the Personalization option from control panel.

How to Change Window 7 Screen Saver step 1

Step 2:

Open Personalization option then click on Screen saver from right bottom side.

How to Change Window 7 Screen Saver step 2

Step 3:

Open Screen saver settings window and choose Photos from drop down list. After choose the Photos click on Settings.

How to Change Window 7 Screen Saver step 3

Step 4:

In the settings, Now you can browse your own screen saver, company logos etc and also customize slide show speed as your requirement.

How to Change Window 7 Screen Saver step 4

Now you have successfully changed your own screen saver in window 7. You also browse videos, photos, Gif files etc for custom screen saver purpose without any hesitation.

Let us know, if you find this article beneficial and helpful for you. If you have more better and fantastic information, so you can share with us feel free. We love to listen your homework and queries. For more discussion related to this topic, join us via comment. 😉

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