How To Change Gmail Account Username

That can be very easy to do but most of the folks have no knowledge about how to change gmail account username. This name or username always appeared first before the subject of email at the most left hand side in gmail inbox. If you are not satisfied with the account name of your gmail account so let’s begin to change the gmail account name by follow the few steps.

Change Gmail Account Username:

Before we go ahead, keep remember Gmail username is the name which appears with your all sent emails as a sender. These are not the words or characters, which appears before your ( See the below image to far away the squabble.

How To Change Gmail Account Username or name

Above image clearly expressing, what is the gmail account name or username. Now let’s see, how to change this gmail account username.

Step 1:

Login to your gmail account, then navigate your cursor to the most top right hand gear icon. Then choose settings and go inside.

How To Change Gmail Account Username Step 1

Step 2:

On setting page, under the “Accounts & Import” their is a field “Send mail as” in-front of this you will find a option “edit info” click on it.

How To Change Gmail Account Username Step 2

Step 3:

Now a new pop up will open. Then under the Name section choose the blank field and enter the username whatever you like to change it. Then finally press Save Changes.

How To Change Gmail Account Username Step 3

Now all is done! Now you have successfully changed your Gmail account username.

Let me know, if you found this article useful and beneficial for your work. If you have any question so don’t hesitate to ask any question to us by using our community forum or can write your comments below.

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Tahir mehmood
Tahir mehmood
7 years ago

Good efforts.