How to Block Sender in Outlook 2013

Block Sender in Outlook 2013:

Microsoft outlook is an essential application, where you can receive and send emails, whether it is company mail or others like Gmail, Hotmail etc. But sometimes you have receive spamming and redundant emails in your inbox، and these unnecessary and spamming emails always annoys you. In order to prevent these spamming emails, you need to block sender immediately.

To block any sender in Outlook, just you need to follow my steps respectively.

Step 1:

Open your Outlook 2013 application, Select the target email and press Right click on that email. Where you can see many options, from last select Junk and then click on block Sender from next sub menu. Now sender is blocked. You can review the below guidelines of this entire process.

How to Block Sender in Outlook 2013

The above image clearly showing the block sender procedure. You can block any needless emails. This is a quick and simple way to block any outlook sender. But on the another condition, if you want to unblock the blocked sender’s. So, what you will do ?

How to Unblock the blocked sender’s?

To unblock the blocked sender’s in outlook, you need to remove blockage from Junk Email Options. For this purpose open Outlook 2013 and review the upper menu bar. Click on Junk under Home tab. Choose Junk option from Junk sub menu.

How to Unblock Sender in Outlook 2013

Now after chosen Junk option from Junk sub menu. A new window will appear, where select blocked sender tab, under this tab you can see all blocked user respectively. Just select target sender email and simply click on Remove button then Press OK.

How to Unblock Senders in Outlook 2013

Now blocked sender is once again unblock. For better understanding, must watch below tutorial on “Block and unblock sender in Outlook “.

Complete Video tutorial:

Hopefully, this guidance will help you more. If you have any problem in outlook configuration and settings then must read How to configure outlook in next 2 minutes. For further help, you can submit your query via comment box. 🙂

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