How to Block Pop up ads in Google Chrome

A mostly happen issue in your usual internet life is pop ups ads. Let’s suppose if you are using Google chrome and during opening different websites many unwanted pop ups ads can be open directly without asking to you and your browser. So that is really scary and annoyed moments for anyone. These pop ups ads can lay down your local machine speed thus you can lose your tempo. So how we can avoid that kind of situations and make our side more reliable. So today we will talk about that how to block pop up ads in Google chrome respectively.

How to Block Pop up ads in Google Chrome

How to Block Pop up ads in Google Chrome:

Google chrome also support this action to block these scary pop up directly from settings. To block unwanted pop ups ads, which is automatically opening in your browser, you need to review the below following methods.

Method 1:

Open your Google chrome browser window and navigate your cursor to upper right hand side ‘Customize and control Google Chrome‘ button then choose ‘Setting‘ option under the drop menu.

How to Block Pop up ads in Google Chrome step 1

On setting page scroll down and click on show advance settings then click on ‘Content Setting‘ button.

How to Block Pop up ads in Google Chrome step 2

A content setting window will be open then scroll down and check ‘Do not allow any site to show pop-ups (recommended)‘ radio button.How to Block Pop up ads in Google Chrome step 3

You also can add exceptions to unblock some particular sites. Simply click on ‘Manage exceptions‘ button below the pop-ups section and add your websites in exceptions list.

How to Block Pop up ads in Google Chrome step 4

You can add more than one exceptions and unblock your chosen websites. After checked blocked pop-ups radio button or add exceptions finally click on ‘Done‘ button to perform this action in chrome. Now you have successfully blocked Google Chrome pop-ups from your browser settings.

Method 2:

Another way to block these ads is ad-blocker extension for Google Chrome. Through this extension, you can block flash video ads, banner ads, Facebook ads, YouTube ads and many more.

How to Block Pop up ads in Google Chrome adblocker

Adblock is the finest one and famous extension in Google Chrome store. Currently adblock is available for Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari. Simply add this extension in your browser and enable it then it will work automatically on each web page.

Do you know? Without ads, a web page can be load fast than before. Read 10 Ways to Speed Up Website Loading Time.

Method 3:

Mostly times pop up ads running from your computer freak software’s. Which software can installed in your computer automatically during download or installation pictures, apps, games etc. So, you need to check your computer programs from control panel, if there is unwanted and unknown programs has installed in your computer then uninstall or remove these redundant programs.

How to Block Pop up ads in Google Chrome unknown programs

Hopefully, you understood these ways very well. These above three methods can be use to block or terminate pop up ads, banner ads, flash ads and many more from your computer machine.

Let us know, if you think that you got the solution for your problem and satisfied with it. For more ideas and your opinions, you can join us via below comment box.

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