How to Block Google Analytics Spam Refers Sites

If you are using Google Analytics, then probably you will be familiar with his efficiency or integrated functions. Google Analytics is an essential or explicit tracking platform for a blog.  Google Analytics track website hits, impressions, specific labels, traffic sources (Refers), location and further more.

How to Block Google Analytics Spam Refers

How to Block Google Analytics Spam Refers:

Sometimes you noticed that, some strangers refers websites sending numbers of traffic directly on your website homepage. These are spamming refers, which attract your attention on sending sites that is why, they use these kinds of cheap or freak tricks. Now we will show you, how you can block Google Analytics spam refers site.

In other words, we will exclude these spam sites traffic from our actual traffic statistics and make our statistics more purge. First we will show you some refers sites address, which I caught from my Analytics statistics. These spam refers site are following,


Above refers sites, these sites are include in our monthly traffic statistic. Now Let’s see how we can block these spam refers sites without any hardcore struggle. Just you need to follow my steps.

Step 1:

Open your Google Analytics account then Go to >> Admin from upper main menu bar then select All Filters option under the account section. 

How to Block Google Analytics Spam Refers step 1


Step 2:

After select and open All Filters option, Click on New Filter button.

How to Block Google Analytics Spam Refers step 2


Step 3:

Next step is crucial, Copy the bellow same setting and apply for all refer sites. One by one add all refers sites and follow the below same settings.

How to Block Google Analytics Spam Refers step 3

After create new filter Add Filter name and exclude this traffic from your actual analytic statistics. See  the above settings and apply on each refer site then definitely it will work. You can enter numerous filter as you can and can block or exclude from your insights. This blocking spamming refers site procedure will help to get pure and authentic statistic report.

Let us know, if you found this idea useful for yourself so don’t forget to share with your friends. For further queries and opinions, you can concern with us via comment. 😉

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