How To Backup and Restore MySQL Database Using PhpMyAdmin

Do you know? what things are necessary with your daily working routine. Writing articles daily on your blog is pretty good and fruitful for your blog. Let suppose, one day accidentally you lost  your website content or someone hack your website so these kinds of tragic calamity can be happened with you. So the appropriate solution of this problem is ‘MY SQL Database Backup’. Behind your website, MySQL stores website data in tables. If you are taking MySQL backup regularly these means that you are saving your website content from calamities. Today we will reveal the way, how to backup and restore MySQL database using PhpMyAdmin. It is important to know these tactics due to website security or safe side.

How to Backup and Restore MySQL Database:

To take the MySQL whole database backup using PhpMyAdmin from cPanel is quite simple. This backup is working as a backbone of security because this backup consist on your WordPress comments, all published/drafted/pending post, each post meta info, WordPress users profiles and their occupations. So let’s see this  backup procedure in the following steps.

How To Backup And Restore MYSQL Database Using PhpMyAdmin

Step 1:

Open your hosting cPanel and navigate ‘PhpMyAdmin‘ under databases section.

How To Backup And Restore MYSQL Database Using PhpMyAdmin step 1

Step 2:

After reach at ‘PhpMyAdmin‘ page then firstly, choose your target database and go inside in it. After select target database, you will see the database tables in-front of your screen then secondly click on ‘Export‘ button from the upper menu.

How To Backup And Restore MYSQL Database Using PhpMyAdmin step 2

Step 3:

In this step, Select or grab all database tables from ‘Export box‘ where you also can select single or multiple tables easily. Scroll down and select output file format therefore check ‘SQL‘ radio button.

How To Backup And Restore MYSQL Database Using PhpMyAdmin step 3

Step 4:

After choose database tables and file format scroll down and check ‘Save as file‘ option. Rename file name template and must check file compression to ‘Zipped‘ compression will reduce your MySQL database file size, which will be easy to download and will not grab enough space in your hard drive. After do everything then finally click on ‘Go‘ button and export the file in your computer memory.

How To Backup And Restore MYSQL Database Using PhpMyAdmin step 4

How to Restore MySQL Database Backup:

If you already taken backup of MySQL database of your website so do you know that how to restore backup. Restore MySQL backup is pretty simple technique, which is nearly like to the backup procedure. Just you need to follow the below step to restore the database backup.

Go to ‘PhpMyAdmin‘ from cPanel and choose the target database, In which you want to import MySQL database from your computer. Then navigate to ‘Import‘ button above the database tables and choose file from you personal computer. Keep remember that, file should be in G-zip or zip format otherwise it will not import the SQL database backup.

How To Backup And Restore MYSQL Database Using PhpMyAdmin step 5

If you are satisfied with backup file then simply click on ‘Go’ button and import MySQL database tables queries.

Note: We personally suggest you to take MySQL database backup before import any previous database backup. Because it will keep safe your website precious content and their each aspect.

Let us know, if you think that this article is helpful for your problem. If you more impressive and empirical ideas and articles so we love to listen your efforts. For more interaction on this topic or related, you can leave your opinions and feedback below.

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