How to Add Keywords in Blog Post for Optimization

Add or placement of keywords in blog post is a sensitive and responsible work. Sounds like a little bit tricky but don’t be you worried. Here we will show you that, How you can add excellent quality keywords in your post in several places. Keyword density is more valuable thing for professional bloggers. Before go ahead to more discussion, We should need care about few things. Firstly keyword density in blog post should be 1 to 3% for finest Seo purpose. How many time appearance of any word or phrase is known as keyword density. That’s why, keyword density should be powerful.

Add Keywords in Blog Post


How to Add Keywords in Blog Post:

Let take start, Keyword placement is contained on certain process. Post title, Post (h1 or h2) heading, URL friendly, Keyword density inside paragraph and finally image optimization with keywords. These factors are playing important role in blog Seo performance. So we are going to explain above factors in details with step by step.

Use of keyword in title and description:

As we know that, Google doesn’t care about keywords. It uses title or description for Search engine results. So, this means title and description is really matter in strong Seo. I’m gives you a tip and suggestion, Use your focus keyword in title one time and in description two-time. Keep remember that, Search engines see the relevancy between your content and your given title and description for Seo. One more thing is that, title and description is representing the behind content or your website in search engines So, always care about it.

Add Keywords in Blog Post

Seo title threshold in characters is 60 and description threshold in character is 150. Don’t cross these limits because this is the display limit on search engines snippets.

Use of keyword in Headings and friendly URL :

That’s a delicate point for newbie bloggers. Because they don’t know about Permalink structure and its benefits.Let’s Start with heading, Search engines experts recommend to utilize/insert (h1 and h2) heading tags in start and middle part of your content. Heading represent your paragraph or topic and search engines easily analyze the content criteria with the help of heading tags. Use your focus keywords in the beginning or middle part of your content heading tags. Actually it something like a Seo responsibility to use heading tags in our content.

Add Keywords in Blog Post

Secondly is URL Structure because it an essential part of Seo therefore we strongly suggest you use friendly URL’s. To understand the URL structure, See the below examples.
Non Seo friendly URL example for “Computer Science Book” Post.
Seo friendly URL example for “Computer Science Book” Post.
Now you can analyze both of them according to the Seo perspective. Above non Seo URL have no relevancy with the post. On the other hand side, Above Seo friendly URL is relevant and have a keyword like “computer science book” inside post URL . So, This means in the above second URL contains on focus keyword and relevant with the title, description and content.

Use of keyword in Content:

Same like above, Focus keyword should be appeared in the post paragraphs. For example, You are writing about “Computer Science Book” and that means our focus keyword is “Computer Science Book”. This focus keyword appearance should be in the first, middle and last paragraphs. Post content should be met with the quality of your keywords. As we mentioned above, keyword density is more useful thing for search engines.

Add Keywords in Blog Post

Use your keyword inside your post 10 to 11 time. Because 11 time use of keyword is equal to 3% keyword density and it is great for Seo perspective.Keywords inside your content helps to search engines to understand that what you are saying in content. So be professional during writing article because you are optimizing your blog at that time.

Use of keyword in Images:

Use of focus keyword inside images through alt tag is important for us. Same like in content, We uses relevant keyword to tell them search engines about our articles. Similarly in the images, We uses keyword through alt tag and keyword should be relevance with the image because it describe the image character. You should care about it for better Seo. If you are WordPress user then you can understand the concept of alt tag easily. See the image below.

 Add Keywords in Blog Post

Summarize the all above steps, You can use focus keywords and hope so, This will help you to get well rank in search engines. For further optimization latest tips and techniques, You can subscribe our newsletter. Please share you feedback with us. We will like to listen it. 🙂

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