How to Add Infolinks to WordPress Website

Infolinks is a contextual advertising network platform, which pays to his publishers according to CPC/CPM advertising models. Right now, Apply for Infolinks and monetize your website with it. Almost newbies are not aware about, How to add Infolinks to WordPress website because Infolinks adding/putting ads method is slightly different with Google AdSense.

How to Add Infolinks Ads on website

How to Add Infolinks to WordPress Website:

After little bit introduction with Infolinks ad network. Now here, i’ll show you, how to successfully setup your website with Infolinks. Just you need to do follow my steps;

Step 1:

In the first step, Go to Infolinks website and login to your approved Infolinks publisher account. Select Integrate option from the upper main menu. There will be a one minute integrate section choose your platform like WordPress, blogger and so on. Select the entire given code.

How to Add Infolinks Ads on website

In the above image, we copied the Infolinks given code. Now after getting this specific code, open your theme/template and paste this code between the headers tags <body>...</body>.  If you are a WordPress user then, open your theme file on server like: wp-content/themes/Demo_theme and locate header or footer file. You can paste this entire code inside header or footer file before body closing tag </body>. See the bellow image.

How to Add Infolinks Ads code on website

Above image clearly describing the exact procedure. Similarly, same process apply for blogger and further platform, just put the whole code before body closing tag. Infolinks algorithms determine the code presence on website and will show the ads automatically.  All ads will be control from Infolinks dashboard. Interesting aspect about Infolinks is that, your can turn on/off all ads (Block or content ads) from Infolinks account > Customize option.

Let us know, your website step is configured with Infolinks. Hopefully, everything is fairly fine and working perfectly. But in contrast condition, leave your comment below. 😉

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