How to Add Google Plus Badge to Website

Google plus badges now makes easy to locate your profile, community, business pages instantly with a single click. Now Google plus badges can easily stick on website sidebars or anywhere where you like it. These Google plus badges comes with fantabulous features and abilities. In today article, you will learn about how to add Google plus badge to website quickly.

Add Google Plus Badge to Website:

To add Google plus badge on your website is not a tricky task, just you need to put your concentration on that tutorial. Google plus badges brings your fans near to your community page or your profile page, where they can become your followers and also can get future updates constantly. The huge benefit of these badges is that, it is redirect your users to your community/business page, where you also sharing your daily updates. Thus, community of fans established. Let see how to add G+ badge on your website.

How to Add Google Plus Badge to Website

Step 1:

It is quite easy way, open your browser and go to Google then type ‘Google Plus BadgeGoogle developer page will come then go inside and then you will see multiple types of badges options.

How to Add Google Plus Badge to Website step 1

Step 2:

In this step, you will setup your badge basic aspects and grab the badge code and paste wherever you want.

How to Add Google Plus Badge to Website step 2

First you need to set up your profile/community badge as you can see in the above image. You should be logged in to your Gmail account, from which Gmail your community page/profile page is associate. Next, follow the above guidance and setup your badge. There are two layout of badge portrait and landscape both are recommended.

You can edit badge width as per your requirement.

Step 3:

After setting all the things, which you like to do it before placing the code. Now it’s time to copy the code and paste where you like to view on your website such as in sidebar, specific landing pages etc.

How to Add Google Plus Badge to Website step 3
Place G+ Badge Code in WordPress Text Widget

As you can see above that we have successfully placed/paste the Google plus badge code. That’s all.

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