How to Add Google analytic Code in WordPress

Almost bloggers familiar with WordPress and its friendly interface. You can easily start WordPress blog without spend any single penny. To track your website statistics, You must need to connect Google Analytics and your blog to each other. Google analytic is the marvelous opportunity for all bloggers. But now we are here to learn that, How we can add Google analytic code inside WordPress. Read Google analytic comprehensive guide here.

Google analytic in WordPress

Google analytic track your website pages, post, links even organic keywords. There is two major and finest option to add Google analytic code in WordPress. First is through Google analytic script/code in the website header. Another is add tracking ID inside WordPress. Let take the first method,

How to add Google analytic Code in WordPress:

First you need to Sign up with your website on Google analytic. After sign up procedure Google analytic provide you script and tacking ID for your site. Copy the given script.

Add Google analytic Code in WordPress

Goto >>WordPress dashboard then Goto Appearance >>Editor scroll down and  open header.php file. Between the <body>..</body> tags paste the whole code/script. You can use html comments tags around the Google analytic scripts (Optional). You can determine the process with the below image.

Google analytic Code in WordPress

And again Goto Google analytic page and save setting then Done. Now your Google analytic is directly linked with your website. Now you are capable to track you website or blog statistic and optimize your website.

Google Analytic will facilitate you with numbers of optimized tools like current online visitors, daily site audience, referral site traffic and keywords tracking etc. Google also recommend and invite you to join it for free. Hopefully, Your configuration and settings will be correct same as above. You can avail innumerable benefits through Google analytic. You can take assist me for further information and leave comment below. 🙂

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