How to Add FeedBurner Subscription Widget On WordPress Website

FeedBurner is an optimistic opportunity for all bloggers because it has a lot of advance function for free. As we seen in the earlier article that how you can create and setup FeedBurner feeds. Now we will show you, how to add FeedBurner subscription widget  on your website with in few minutes. It is quite simple way to add subscription widget anywhere on website.

How to Add FeedBurner Subscription Box On Website

Add FeedBurner subscription widget:

FeedBurner provide his users a quite simple subscription widget/forums, which helps user to collect sign up emails from his website. I will show that, how you can get this subscription box and finally how you can put this box on your WordPress Website. Just you need to do follow my following steps.

Step 1:

In the first step, Go to your FeedBurner account and choose your website feed.

Add FeedBurner Subscription Box On Website Step 1

Step 2:

In the Second Step, Choose >> Publicize from upper main menu then Choose >> Email Subscriptions >> Subscription Management from left sidebar. There you will see a subscription form code, now copy the entire code.

Add FeedBurner Subscription Box On Website Step 2

Step 3:

After getting the code, Login to your WordPress and go to Dashboard >> Widget, Add a text box widget and paste the copied code in it.

Add FeedBurner Subscription Box On Website Step 3

In the above image, you can clearly see the subscription form code inside Text Widget, do this step same as above. See the below implement of the above subscription form code.

Add FeedBurner Subscription Box preview

Hopefully, Now you have successfully placed your subscription widget on your website. FeedBurner subscription process is quite simple than other email services that is why, visitors will never be annoyed with this service. Simplicity is always best rather than complexity.

Watch Video Tutorial:

Let us know, whether if you done your job successfully or not. If you facing any trouble while doing placement of subscription widget, so you can stay in touch via comment. 😉

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