How Payoneer Can Be Cheaper

Payoneer is considered in popular online payment gateways due to their efficiency and instant payments. Payoneer is the best way to send and receive payment beyond the borders, I mean to say internationally. If you have no Payoneer Card so far so you need know that how to get Payoneer with $25 bonus. As we know that Payoneer has some pricing and fee structure, even recently Payoneer started to charge monthly fee $3 as well as $29.95 annually fee too. Which is not good for beginners who initially started their business.

How Payoneer Can Be Cheaper:

So what we are bringing out the conclusion here, this is quick and straightforward guide about how Payoneer can be cheaper than manually signed up. We noticed that Payoneer has two kinds of pricing & fee table one for usual clients like you and me and secondly for who partnered with Payoneer such as Infolinks, UpWork, Elance etc.

If you go to sign up directly to Payoneer that would be considered as manually signed up client. Unlike if you go to Infolinks Ads and from their website you request Payoneer then from the reference of Infolinks you will be automatically redirected on Payoneer website so this means Payoneer Premium partner Infolinks or whatever sending their clients on their behalf to Payoneer so you will be treated as a special customer.

Furthermore, your pricing fee structure will be much less than manually signed up clients even your Payoneer application approval chances is 99.9% than manually signed up users. Because almost manually signed up applicants application is rejected and that is what we already experienced.

Let me show you the screenshots of both Payoneer pricing and fee to make your doubts clear.

How Payoneer MasterCard Can Be Cheaper Image 1

Above shows that outside the US Payoneer maintenance charges is $6.95 except few mentioned countries in the above image. Secondly, Card replacement charges is $9.95 in case if your card is stolen or lost accidentally so you can request your new Payoneer from your account with this little fee. Third one is ATM withdrawal fee is $2.15 per transaction as well as $0.90 of per declined transaction. If you increase your monthly card transactions 4+ then monthly card fee will be go down from $3 to $1 that is also the better way to reduce your Payoneer expense.

Now let’s see the usually signed up user Payoneer pricing & fee and compare itself.

How Payoneer MasterCard Can Be Cheaper Image 2

Above image shows that Card replacement fee is $12.95 ($3 difference from Infolinks Payoneer). ATM withdrawal $3.15 per successful transaction ($1 difference from Infolinks Payoneer) and in case of declined $1 ($0.10 difference from Infolinks Payoneer).

Now all results are transparent, keep remember that I’m not saying that Payoneer creating difference among their clients. Infolinks or similar like companies did the lot of investment with Payoneer and signed contract that is why Payoneer giving them importance first. Now I did my best to convey my experience to you so now it’s your turn to do your best. If you have any question or queries so join us on our community forum or can leave your comment under this article.

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