How Fast is E-commerce Growing 2016

It is fascinating to see the fastest growing rate of e-commerce around the globe. According to studies conducted in 2016, it is shown that e-commerce is growing quicker as compared to other networks. In order to check how fast is e-commerce growing in 2016 as compared to previous years let us take a look at these charts.

Digital Buyers:

Here is a record of people who prefers to purchase products online. From this chart, it is cleared that the digital buyers are increasing day by day. From 2011 to the present year there is a significant increase in the number of buyers and this states how fast is e-commerce growing.

In 2011, 792.6 million people use e-commerce for buying diverse products. It gradually increases in 2012 and another two million purchases were recorded. The number of people increased to 903.6 million dollars. After 2011 there was a remarkable increase in the number of digital buyers. Social media such as Google as well as Facebook upkeep the promotion of e-commerce buying and selling. Even after 2015 the digital buyers tends to increase in number. At the present moment in 2016, the number of digital buyers are around 1321.4 million.

How fast is e-commerce growing 2016 graph

Google Trends:

According to Google Trends, the interest rate is gradually increased after 2011. It is said that seventy-two out of a hundred people now first search on the internet for purchasing products and then go to the market. E-commerce has increased the buyers satisfaction up to eight three percent. As a result, people are also willing to adopt ecommerce as their obstinate source of income. It is estimated that the e-commerce profits are going to reach 370 billion dollars after one year.

How fast is e-commerce growing 2016 Google Trends

According to market researcher’s prerogative, 1.672 trillion dollars were spent in 2015 in lieu of ecommerce. E-commerce is also growing in areas where local suppliers are unavailable. For the reason that online products are available for people of all areas. According to the sales of 2015, China is the largest e-commerce economy with 672.01 billion dollars. United States with 349.06 million dollars and United Kingdom with 99.39 billion dollars. Here we can see that the investment is growing to its highest points in the year 2016.

This picture is becoming beneficial for companies as well. Because now people are becoming more loyal to their favourite brands as they can purchase the products of specific brands through e-commerce. All these figures shows how fast is e-commerce growing.


These charts show that e-commerce is growing with the fastest rates in 2016. E-commerce industry has been providing the consumers even a bigger platform for searching products. The deals and trade revenue of these companies shows the growth of e-commerce industry. It is becoming precisely imperative as it offers all products online.

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