Hostgator Vs iPage Pros and Cons

As we familiar with both of the finest web hosting providers HostGator and iPage. Both web hosting companies are offering comparatively competitive price and plans. Whereas both have pros and cons. Today we will compare HostGator vs iPage, thus best hosting solution will come out.

HostGator Vs iPage:

HostGator and iPage both are trusted and leading web hosting service providers. No doubt every good company have few down and up sides but in these fluctuations how you can find your best one solution to continue your job very well. Let’s see the pros and cons of these both companies.

Hostgator Vs iPage Pros and Cons
Hostgator Vs iPage Pros and Cons

HostGator Pros:

HostGator is an #1 web hosting company around internet market since 2002. They offer unlimited web hosting plans even starter hosting packages comes with unlimited facilities like pro members. 45 days money back Guarantee for user satisfaction, premium automatically backup options and quality technical support any time via chat, phone and tickets. $200 worth marketing credit for every initial member. Buy HostGator Hosting Now

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

HostGator Cons:

Costly web hosting service as compared to other web hosting platforms. They do not offer free domain for beginners hosting members. Anyone cannot bear their expense because they charges are overpriced.

iPage Pros:

iPage is famous and popular due to affordable web hosting service since 2004. They also offering unlimited packages and free .com domain for beginners. $250 worth marketing credit for every initial member. They also offering technical support 24/7/365. Buy iPage Hosting Now

iPage Cons:

iPage do not offer any backup options with hosting package, you need to buy backup tools separately only in $12.95/yr. Their technical support rating is not pretty good.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


HostGator and iPage both are good on his places, if your budget is enough then go with HostGator unlike for affordable hosting go with iPage. HostGator is costly but recommended and iPage is affordable but comes with limited features. Now it’s up to you that where you want to go now.

Let us know, if you think that you got your answer in appropriate form. You also can read HostGator features overview for better understanding. For more discussion on this topic, you may leave your comment below.

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