HostGator Services and Offers For New Customers

As we very well familiar with HostGator and it’s popularity among internet bloggers and users. Due to their worthwhile and precious hosting service because HostGator is known as no#1 hosting quality service around internet. In the today article, we are going to writing a briefing article to let them know to our readers about HostGator services and offers for new customers.

HostGator Services and Offers For New Customers

HostGator Services & Offers For New Customers:

HostGator packages and services is much different for both new and existing users. New customers can avail many premium features in free or low-cost instead of existing user cannot avail these features on second time. HostGator offering many prominent and premium features almost free only for first time users, we are going to reveal that services and offers in factual words.

Special Deals and Offers:

HostGator offers to all their new clients discounted plans or packages like 25% OFF on all HostGator plans or $9.94 OFF and further so on. Instead of this on every year 27 Nov Special Black Friday 80% OFF and Cyber Monday deal 65% OFF and similar so on.

These special deals only work for new customer and this deal will not work on recurring bills or existing users. Exiting user cannot renew their current packages by using this deal.

HostGator Transfer Website:

Another biggest factor is you current web hosting data migration on newly purchased server. If your website already contains hundreds of post and article images then your hosting data size approximately can exceed 1-2 GB or more. Which can be taken too much time or longer and it can be trouble if you have not much knowledge about cPanel advance options. Then this server to server data migration/transfer can become headache for you.  But now HostGator offering free website transfer for only their new customer.

This transfer can take up-to 24-72 hours and more because it is depends on your website data or burden.

Hopefully, this article proven good for your future journey with HostGator. Must share this article with your colleagues to spread this useful article rapidly. For more interaction with us, you may join us on our community forum or can comment below.

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