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High Paying Adsense Ad Sizes

Before today, probably you heard about AdSense revenue/earnings stories. These stories always were put enthusiasm in every blogger but there are lots of factors, which involved in this earning in which AdSense ad size is prominent one factor. High paying AdSense ad sizes makes it easy to improve your earning without any risk.

High Paying Adsense Ad Sizes Half page

Google AdSense have numerous formats of ads like display, text and link ad units. Every format have numerous of sizes but few are considered as major and most trendy ad size, on which you can get excellent CPC than other’s. In this guide, we will highlight those few one’s ad units size, which are experienced by us and our clients.

High Paying Adsense Ad Sizes:

AdSense CPC almost depends on various factors, one of them is ad size and it’s position.

Let’s see what ad size are best according to high earnings perspective.

Ad Size with Ad Name Recommended Ad Position  View in Image
728×90 (Leatherboard) Before post content and inside header  High Paying Adsense Ad Sizes leatherboard
160×600 (Wide skyscraper) Website Right or Left Sidebar  High Paying Adsense Ad Sizes Wide skyscraper
336×280 (Large rectangle) Inside post content or website sidebar  High Paying Adsense Ad Sizes Large rectangle
300×600 (Half page) Website Right or Left Sidebar  High Paying Adsense Ad Sizes Half page
320×100 (Large mobile banner) This ad unit can be used at the place of 728×90 or 300×250 units on mobile.  High Paying Adsense Ad Sizes Large mobile banner
970×250 (Billboard) Most effective ad unit can be use after header and before post container  High Paying Adsense Ad Sizes Billboard
300×250 (Medium rectangle) Advertisers have large ad inventory for that ad unit and for position inside post content or website sidebars.  High Paying Adsense Ad Sizes Medium rectangle
728×15 (Horizontal Link Ad Unit) Can be use before, after and inside post content  High Paying Adsense Ad Sizes Horizontal Link Ad Unit
200×90 (Vertical Link Ad Unit) Most successful ad unit, can be use before, after and inside post content  High Paying Adsense Ad Sizes Vertical Link Ad Unit

Above size units are recommended and you can easily improve your earnings by following above guidelines. Unlike, I like to mention here some important sources, List of AdSense highest paying CPC countries.

Let us know, if you think that we written an appropriate and useful content for you. For more discussion and your personal opinions, you may join us on our community forum or leave your comment under this article.

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