Hide Unnecessary Items From WordPress Admin Area

Are you using WordPress, probably you will be annoyed sometimes from WordPress admin area unnecessary widgets or items. Friendly speaking as an administrator, I do not want to show these unnecessary items to another users like contributors, subscriber, author etc. Recently we talked about hide WordPress dashboard widgets temporarily on forum. Today in this article we will reveal that how to hide unnecessary items from WordPress admin area.

How to Hide Unnecessary Items From WordPress Admin Area

Hide Unnecessary Items From WordPress Admin:

As an administrator or professional blogger that is your responsibility to hide unnecessary places on your WordPress because this reduction of widgets will also improve your WordPress page speed.

For this purpose, we will utilize a WordPress plugin which called Adminimize. Currently more than 100k WordPress users using this plugin for their websites.

To hide useless or unnecessary things/items/widgets, you should follow the following method.

Step 1:

Now, before we start to describe anything for go ahead, you need to install and activate this plugin. After installed this plugin, go to Settings > Adminimize.

Hide Unnecessary Items From WordPress Admin Area step 1

Step 2:

Through this plugin you can edit and get control over all admin area widgets and items. Adminimize comes with ultimate options and you can set up each widget on/off for each user roles. So there is nothing like impossible. If you want to disable or hide WordPress dashboard widgets then choose Dashboard options under MiniMenu.

Hide Unnecessary Items From WordPress Admin Area step 2

Step 3:

Under Dashboard options, now you can easily turn on/off current dashboard widgets for each user role then simply press Update options.

Hide Unnecessary Items From WordPress Admin Area step 3

Now these user roles will not be able to edit or modify these widget from their own sides, even they can not see these widgets enable or disable option under Screen options.

Hide Unnecessary Items From WordPress Admin Area step 4

Now you can clearly see in the above image, that few widgets like (Activity, WordPress News, Quick Press) not showing under Screen options.

This plugin comes with various other features like import/export settings, set themes (each user roles admin area theme) and delete settings from database before uninstall this plugin.

You also can enable or disable WordPress notification, main menu bar and also can modify each option on this bar. I would suggest you to install this useful and catchy plugin to increase your WordPress website privacy.

Let us know, if you find this article and got your answer for which you are searching. If you have any query related to this article then you may discuss on our community forum or leave your comment below.

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