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Are you looking to monetize your blog, nut the Adsense ad serving has been blocked on your website? If yes then Kajamba– the best high CPM network has come up with a great solution for you. Kajamba is one of the smartest ad CPM ad networks that provide you with a wide range of ad formats to monetize your blog perfectly. If you join Kajamba as a publisher then stay reassured to earn huge profit. None of the ad network is perfect as there is no guarantee of getting the expected number of clicks. But Kajamba still ensures that you get a high conversion rate through its CPM ads. Let us discuss about Kajamba ad network in detail.

Got Banned by Adsense Here Your Solution Kajamba

Kajamba – The Know How:

A group of well experienced media experts having 15 years of experience led the foundations of Kajamba Advertisement CPM network. It has become the widely accepted CPM network in the world which charges almost negligible commission fee which it gets from the advertisers. Most of the revenue is distributed to the publishers. One of the overwhelming things about Kajamba is that it deals directly with all its advertisers. This makes sure that you money is not consumed by third-party sites of brokers. Kajamba works best to improve your earnings significantly.

Top Notable Features of Kajamba Ad Network:

Some of the most overwhelming features of Kajamba Ad Network have discussed here. These features are bonus for the websites on which Adsense ad serving has been blocked. Go through these overwhelming features of Kajamba and learn the best features provided by Kajamba.

Top Notable Features of Kajamba Ad Network

Simple Sign-Up Option & Implementation:

You can sign up with Kajamba in less than a minute. It is just too easy. The instant approval policy of Kajamba ensures that the ads start running within minutes as soon as you place the ad code on the blog. Its dashboard has different options to provide easy navigation. The best thing in Kajamba’s dashboard is that it shows the real-time stats. You can generate different ad codes having different ad formats and sizes through the dashboard.

Simple Sign-Up Option & Implementation

History Based Ads:

So, if your Adsense account has been disabled and you worry about the conversion rate then you need not to worry. Kajamba ads will ensure that you get high conversion rates on the advertisement through its history based ads. Just like Google Adsense, Kajamba also provides history based ads that contribute significantly in improving the conversion rate or CTR.

Different Ad Formats & Styles:

Kajamba provides you with different ad formats so that you can optimize your blog for earnings. The ad formats can be selected on the basis of blog content, type of users and their locations, or through the behavior of audience. The ad styles available with Kajamba are:

  • Banner Ad
  • Footer Ad
  • Pop-Under Pop-Up Ads
  • Slider Ad: OnVideo Ad
  • Pusher
  • LightBox
  • Notification Bar
  • Video Ads

These ads are available in different sizes and different styles. You can even embed the ad code in the video players as well as DailyMotion or YouTube video. The best thing is that these ad codes are Adsense friendly.

Higher CPM Rates:

If you are a blogger then you can’t ask for more from Kajamba. Kajamba pays the maximum amount of money as paid by the advertiser to the publisher keeping negligible amount of commission. This is the reason why you get higher CPM rates as compared to other CPM networks. Though, these CPM rates vary according to the interest, location and search type of users.

Referral Program:

Affiliate marketing is the term that is heard by every blogger. Kajamba referral program gives you an opportunity to earn extra bit of money by referring others. Once any publisher joins Kajamba through your referral then you can make up to $150 for one referral. Moreover, you get 25 percent commission from earnings of your referral for a year. Kajamba Referral program is the best referral program for any blogger.

Timely Payments:

You may get stuck up with many ad networks that delay the payments, but this is not the case with Kajamba. It never delays the payments of any publisher. NET30 is the default payment model used by Kajamba which means every user receives the payment after 30 days. The payments can be done through Payoneer, wire transfer or even through PayPal. The payment will only be processed once it reaches the payment threshold.

Minimal Threshold for Payments:

If you wish to receive payments in your PayPal or Payoneer accounts then you can ask for the payment once you reach $5 or above amount. The payments will be initiated directly into your Payoneer or PayPal account. For wire transfer payments, the payment threshold must be $300 or above.

Final Say:

So, you need not to worry if Google Adsense ad serving has been stopped on your blog. There are many more ad networks that will be happy to monetize your blog. One of those ad networks is Kajamba. It offers the best eCPM rates to the publishers and the users can get their account approved instantly. There is no minimum traffic requirement to apply for Kajamba CPM ads. If you are looking to monetize your blog with CPM ads after banned Google Adsense on your site then Kajamba ads can be the best option to go with.

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Bambang Sugiarto
8 years ago

Thank you for the information, I just found out about Kajamba. But it looks like when viewed from, a newly created website Kajamba end of 2015, or may be used with a different name? sory for my translation.

Darrin Benner
8 years ago

My adsense account had disabled due to invalid click activity since 13 Oct 2015. I have appealed 2 times but it rejected, i never tried to violate any of terms & conditions of adsense. Tell me please can i apply for adsense through another email address for the same blogs. If not then recommend me best alternatives of adsense.

Ashley Jones
Ashley Jones
7 years ago

Concern to Google Adsense Alternatives, I’d highly recommend Infolinks, or else Chitika. They converts really well as because now-a-days I’m thinking of monetizing my blog too and was in search for some good networks other than Google Adsense. Aww, it sucks something, and so I’ve found the right article.

Perhaps, thanks for the awesome and comprehensive article.