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Coronavirus is Compelling Organizations To Reimagine Conferences

The epidemic of coronavirus continues to escalate. As per the reports of World Health Organization. In total, there have been 92,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus and the death toll has approached 3,011. Unfortunately, the patients and mortalities are expected to rise in near future. The fear to get stuck by

Google Map Understands the Sensitivity of Border Line

Recently google has redrawn the world border and now the borderline is different for viewers. The google map has incorporated an intelligence feature that shows border with respect to the political philosophy of a country. Border of Kashmir If a person looks for the borderline of Kashmir from outside of

1st Pakistani Startup Makes It to Google Launch Pad Accelerator

What is Google Launch Pad Accelerator ? Google Launch Pad Accelerator is a 6 months program. Under which google corporation selects growth stage startups. These startups are chosen from different emerging countries. So, after the selection of new business. Google assist them in developing excellent products. Specifically, google offers selected

Google Map Service Offers Above 36 Million Square Miles of Satellite Image

Google Map Service: Google corporation is offering the service of google map. The map service are street view, aerial photographs, real time traffic condition and plans of routes for commuters etc. Senior Product Manager at Google: As, a senior product manager for Google Maps, Thomas Escobar stated. While these stunning

How to Move Email Any Specific Gmail Folder Automatically

One of the interesting task, you would love to learn is how to move email any specific Gmail folder automatically. This could be the most basic or most astonishing guide. First let me tell you, why you need to move your email from inbox to another particular folder? Because of

How Google Access the Authority of Web Pages

Google authority system is a systemic procedure Google our favorite search engine has a series of signals which evaluate the authority of webpage in a systemic manner. It is not an individual step but a variety of  procedures and methods that are not fixed. These are the variable measures which

How to Install IDM Extension in Google Chrome

Most frequently question from users side “how to install IDM extension in Google Chrome”. Internet download manager is a tool by using which you can easily download your files, documents and videos. But installation of IDM software in your computer is not enough, you should have to install IDM extension

Can We Use Pop-Ups Ads With AdSense

As we know that, pop-ups ads are now become the trend on almost sites around internet. There are several companies, who offers different kinds of pop-ups advertisements. Today here, I’m here to let you know about what Google think and what their perceptions about Pop-ups ads usage with AdSense. OR can