Google Webmaster Tools Guide For Beginners

Almost my site readers and viewers requested to me to make an appropriate tutorial about Google webmaster tools guide for beginners. Google webmaster tools is an essential and awesome tool, where you can monitor your website activities in search engine (Google).

Google Webmaster Tools Guide:

Google webmaster tools is one of the prestigious tool to connect yourself or your website with Google search engine crawler.

Through this webmaster tools, you will be capable to submit your website sitemap to Google directly.

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What we described in this tutorial?

In this Google webmaster tools guide, we reveal and described following factors and aspects.

  • HTML improvements (Improve or remove meta tags bugs)
  • Sitelinks (You can demote sitelinks as per your choice)
  • Search Analytics (Track search engine snippets impressions and clicks)
  • Link to your site (Track and see those sites, who are connected with your website and vice versa)
  • Internal Links (Track and see website internal links, also how many times each page is linked to other internal page)
  • Manual Actions (Find or track any web-spam activity here)
  • Mobile Usability (Find website responsive theme errors on each pages, error’s will be highlighted here)
  • Index Status (See how many post and pages Google crawler indexed so far on particular dates)
  • Content Keywords (Watch particular keywords strength on your website and how many time you utilize those keywords and their related variants)
  • Blocked Resources (Track those page’s who is blocking server side resources including java scripts and CSS stylesheets)
  •  Crawl Errors & Stats (Track and checkout crawling errors includes server error, soft 404, not found errors etc. Crawl statistics will available there under crawl statistics on each day stats)
  • Fetch as Google (Check each website page and find that of which page crawler can crawl or blocked)
  • Robots.txt tester  (Can edit and test your existed robots.txt file through this tester)
  • Sitemaps (Add or submit your website sitemap to Google)
  • Security Issues (If there is any malware, virus occur on your website then Google bot will track it and show under this section)

Let me know, if you like this tutorial guide from every perspective. For more discussion and your feedback’s, you can join us our community forum or can leave your comment below.

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