Google Stop Showing Authorship in Search Results

Google Stop Showing Authorship:

Authorship markup is no longer supported in web search engine. Google Plus stop showing authorship in search results. 28 August 2014- Thursday Google announced that, they will not showing authorship in web searches results. As we know, Google authorship was a friendly tool to redirect the specific article on Google plus author profile page. Google plus head John Mueller said: Google authorship is not neither helpful or deleterious.They received lot of ideas feedback from users and webmasters in previous three years to improve search results. As we know, rise and fall are coming in Google algorithms few month ago in the end of June 2014 Google announced “they removed all authorship profile pictures” to take an implement in search results, Google always try to provide user-friendly search results as much possible. Nonetheless, they will show continuously Google+ post in search results to make the search result friendly. 

Google Stop Showing Authorship in Search results

On the other hand side, we can see clearly Google authorship gonna down during this year. According to my perspective, Mostly webmaster removed all authorship rel=author tags. Because now these are redundant or worthless tags found on our websites. But those peoples, who are still interested in search result markups they may use rich snippets and structured data. Rich snippets will help you to gain popularity in your search results. Google wrote on webmaster forums they drop authorship features and currently not supported. John Mueller said, Drop authorship will not decrease the traffic level of any website and authorship doesn’t increase clicks on ads. We remove authorship from search result only for better user result and make the search user-friendly. Read  John Mueller post on Google+.

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