Google Search Operators Guide to Filter Search Results

As we know that, Google is one of the most emerging and powerful search engine all around the world. Where every next person search their queries to get their answer in finest form. Google provides some interesting commands from which you can easily target your specific search and get their results instantly. These commands known as Google Search Operators, these search operators helps you to find out the particular and approximation results.

Google Search Operators Guide to Filter Search Results
Google Search Operator (@) Usage with KnowledgeIDea keyword

Google Search Operators:

In search operators some are symbols and strings but we will talk about all of them respectively. Let’s start one by one and elaborate each of these.

Symbols Usage
# Hashtag is used to find out the popular and trending topics (i.e. #Google)
+ Plus sign is used to find the particular Google plus pages/profiles and blood types (i.e. +Siraj Mahmood & +AB)
@ This symbol is use to find popular tags similar like hashtag (i.e. @Facebook)
$ Dollar operator is use approximate price in searches like (i.e. HP Notebook $900 etc)

Above are symbols, which you can utilize in filter your searches. Another is string operator, but these are strings commands not symbolic.

Search Operators Usage
Site: This operator is use to find exact or suggested domain search results (i.e.
link: This operator is use to find that web pages which is linked to this domain  (i.e.
Info: This operator get information about this doamin, info includes Cache, web pages similar to this domain, web pages which contains this domain address
Cache: With this operator you can see that when Google crawler last time visit your website and capture the last time website and store in cache

Mostly SEO experts include myself use these commands to find out or filter out the webpages fluctuations and activities. It is a good practice to check every command at once because it is just not for knowledge it’s all about your expertise.

Keep remember that, if any space exist between search operator and search term (Domain or keyword) then command will not work, example ( Wrong -> site: (Correct ->

Let us know, if you find this article more appropriate same like for which you are searching. I would suggest you to read Meta Robots Tags in SEO this will help you to evaluate the Google algorithms. For more discussion on this topic and your opinion, leave your comment.

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