Google Plus For Business

Google Plus For Business:

As we know or familiar to this social platform, which is known as Google plus. Majority of bloggers and Seo beginners are not aware with this golden opportunity. Therefore,  they ignore or skip this crucial step during Seo procedure. Here I will show you, Google plus for business and its benefits in the perspective of Search engine optimization.

Google Plus For Business

Google plus for business is marvelous procedure to promote the business. Including me in 2012 initial, I was not aware to the importance of this social platform but by and by with my searching, I got this golden techniques because Google plus activities is directly linked with search ranking results.

Now, I’m here to share with my visitors this golden opportunity, which will be prove to the better in Seo.Before going to ahead, Few things need to be noted. I’m not going to tell them about Google authorship for website or blog because Google stop showing authorship in search results. That’s means authorship is became redundant task. But Yet, There is numerous ranking factors available, Which will be used to make better Seo.

These factors are highlighted,

  • Google Plus Business Page
  • Google Plus Seo Elements

Google Plus Business Page:

Google plus business page is playing important role and have lot of aspects. Hope you have a Facebook fan page for your business but not on Google plus. So, Be professional and explore your business on Google plus through business page.It’s not tricky to do it, Just need a Gmail account and Goto Google plus profile and on sidebar, You will see the business page option. Go there if you have otherwise they will ask to create new one for your business.

Google Plus For Business step 1

After reach your page, Open or create this and finally create attractive page profile. Page Cover should be neat and clean with any blur. Google plus page profile picture also should be Cool like business Mark, Company Logo etc. See the following image for this procedure.

Google Plus For Business step 2

In the above image, You can see this page is connected and verified by website owner. Without verify your site ownership, You will not able to promote your business. Second necessary thing is business page custom URL. You can customize your page URL in the About tab under links section.

Google Plus For Business step 3

You can also manage the company profile and biography and more. Share or promote your business page on your website through Google plus badges and share with your friends and emails.

Google Plus Seo Elements:

Google plus business page creation and customization is important step. On the other hand side with Seo perspective,Backlinks through Google plus 9 PR site will make you excited. And You can also target your keywords on Google plus simple profile or business page. Now you will be suspicious that how you can do this, Just and only put your eyes on the below image,

Google plus for business step 4

In the above shown figure, You saw valuable site-links for backlinks purpose. And one more finest thing is that, We utilize target keywords during creation of these links like WordPress Tutorials, Make Money Online etc. These links increase your site rank in search engines and also increase your site visibility or appearance. Daily posting on business page will makes your page user friendly with community members.

Let us know, If you have tasty and better one quires related Google plus for business then share your ideas with us. We love to listen your work and we will also share this work in our community. For further assistance with us, Leave your comment below. 😉

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