Google Page Rank (PR) and its Importance

Google Page Rank (PR) and its Importance:

Google Page rank is one of the most important Seo factor. Every person, who working on internet know about Google Search Engine. Google have numbers of algorithms and one of the algorithm is Page Rank.Google Page rank was developed in 1996 in Stafford university by Larry page and Sergey brin according to Wikipedia.These two personalities are known as the founders of Google and Larry Page are the current CEO of Google. This word “Page Rank” was taken from founder name Larry Page. Google page rank is the path of measure websites value and its worth. Every website or blogs have a page rank (0-10). Google give page rank, Start from 0 and end to 10. Initially new websites have “0” page rank but by and by and with the passage of time, If your website do struggle with lot of experience then Google give you a page rank. No one not sure about page rank for initial websites. It’s totally depends on your website activities. It’s not only algorithm by Google, That is the entire result of any website or position in search engine (Google).

Google Page Rank

Importance of Google Page Rank (PR):

After know about page rank and its biography. So it is pivotal to know that, What factors are involved in page rank. Google page rank algorithm work with external linking. It is no doubt that backlinks are the vital cause of page rank. Google determine that, How many web pages links connect with this specific pages and links pages are valuable or not. Specially both pages are relevance to each other or not. Well known website have PR (Page Rank) start to 3,4 and so on to 10. Backlinks are counted in off page Seo. Because it is off side site work. We should care about backlinks quality because Google and other search engines doesn’t recognize and doesn’t count redundant or useless links. For more valuable backlinks quality read Dofollow and Nofollow links article. Backlinks criteria and procedure look like a cobweb. Because one website link to three web pages and these three web pages links other three webpages and this procedure of backlinks works repeatedly. Google will determine your backlinks quality then Google will permit you a page rank. You can read below highlight articles that belongs to page rank.

As my years of experience, We suggest you to read this article “5 Things that will improve organic Seo“. Hopefully, this articles will help you to get better rank in search engine. Always try to best as yourself. Seo experts is like a doctor of sites because they know better about website strategy. For more inquiry and ask questions leave the comment below. 🙂

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